Top 5 Big Benefits of Using Certified Mail

Businesses and private senders alike are reaping the benefits of sending documents by certified mail. 

Sometimes your mail needs to be treated with the utmost protection. During these times, regular (or even private) services won’t cut it. 

The risk of losing time and precious information contained in these documents is too high to go with any other service. To understand the necessity of sending certified mail, we’ve outlined the top five benefits!

1. Certified Mail Is more Budget-Friendly

The following tips aren’t generally specific to shipping certified mail through the USPS. However, finding these same benefits with a private mailing service will cost you an arm and a leg. No business has the budget for that.

We’ll make it even easier on you, too. Head to to print your labels quickly and efficiently. You now have high-end mailing labels on demand when you need them. 

2. Proof of Mailing and Delivery

As a seller, it’s your responsibility to mail out shipments on time. In a perfect world, we’d be able to trust every recipient, but that’s not the truth. 

With regular mail, there’s no telling if you dropped the item in the mailbox. Once you let go, it’s time to hope and pray. 

With certified mail, there’s no arguing about if you sent the package on time. This proof is great for personal records and reviews. 

3. Protection Against Loss or Theft

1.7 million packages are lost/stolen per day. Can you risk that with your important documents? Of course not!

One of the biggest benefits of using certified mail is that the package is handed to your recipient directly. They will never be abandoned on a front porch or left in an unlocked mailbox. 

4. You Can Track Certified Mail

Once you send a package, the USPS updates certified mail every hour. The tracking info is also updated each time the package enters or leaves a sorting facility. You and the recipient stay in the loop throughout the entire process! 

With other private shipping services, tracking is often an added charge on top of every other fee. Not with certified shipping! Tracking is always included. 

5. Mail Is Prioritized

Certified mail gets special treatment throughout the sending process. That extra sticker lets drivers and USPS staff know that your documents are important and must get to their drop-off location pronto

Not only this, but your recipient will also feel a heightened sense of urgency. If they have to sign for a package, they’re going to want to know what’s in that envelope. This means that your recipient will open the document right away, instead of tossing it in a junk drawer.

The Benefits of Certified Mail

If you have important items to send, the choice of services should be clear. Shipping through certified mail is an amazing way to take the hassle and fuss out of an otherwise risky process. 

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