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Two to tango: Content revs up ecommerce

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The ecommerce market in India has been witnessing a rapid evolution in recent years with the emergence of newer formats like direct to consumer (D2C) and social commerce.

Brands have now started exploring live commerce, popularly known as video commerce, on their platforms to onboard new customers.

Live commerce allows customers to shop during live video streaming of events, and is fast becoming a viable way for brands to market, communicate, and sell products online.

Image credit: How India shops online 2021 – Bain & Company and Flipkart

While the segment in India is still in its nascent stage, there is a huge potential in the blend of content and commerce. At present, some of the top players in the segment in India include Bulbul, Simsim, etc.

In a report titled ‘How India shops online 2021’, Bain & Company and Flipkart notes that video content consumption has gained traction, giving birth to a substantial community of local creators and influencers. 

The COVID-19 environment has also played its part as the work from home scenario is driving higher video consumption.

The Interview

In a fun chat on Influencers Inc by YourStory, Shlok Srivastava, aka, Tech Burner talks about the booming influencer’s economy and the growth of the ‘tech’ space in the content world.

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Piyush Shah, co-founder, InMobi Group, and President & COO, Glance

“Mobile shopping is going to change dramatically. Traditional commerce is very functional, and we feel consumers want authentic and entertaining experience in a live manner in many categories, which is done by influencers or celebrities.”

Piyush Shah, Co-founder, InMobi Group, and President and COO, Glance

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