You are currently viewing Unveil path-breaking innovations and breakthroughs in healthcare at YourStory’s Health360 Summit

Unveil path-breaking innovations and breakthroughs in healthcare at YourStory’s Health360 Summit

The healthcare industry is booming in India, be it in terms of revenue or employment. With a CAGR of 22 percent since 2016, the sector employs 4.7 million people directly and is expected to be valued at around $372 billion by the end of 2022. While the government’s highly commendable policies and infrastructural investment is imperative to scale the growth of healthcare, the inclusion of technology has been somewhat underestimated and overlooked up till now.

However, things are changing. COVID-19’s devastation, in its multiple waves, exposed the many vulnerabilities in India’s healthcare ecosystem. It shed light on issues regarding lack of digital inclusion and access to affordable healthcare but, most importantly, it also forced a shift towards more technological adoption thereby making the task of redesigning the healthcare system one of the most pivotal agendas in this day and age.

Health360, YS’s flagship event on Healthcare and HealthTech, is an attempt to bring together some of the most prominent voices from the healthcare ecosystem – government officials, policymakers, startups, medical professionals, industry leaders, academicians, and other key stakeholders – to discuss the summit’s theme, “Decoding India’s Smart Health Revolution”.

The theme will be further divided into two tracks – technology in healthcare’ andhealthcare for new India’. While the former will focus on topics and issues such as UHI (Unified Health Interface), implementation of AI/ML, and leveraging the boons of blockchains, cloud services, and deep tech to scale growth and efficiency, the latter will talk about issues like rise of homecare and preventive healthcare, driving an inclusive and affordable healthcare system, role of Indian BioTech companies in the global healthcare ecosystem, among other topics.

The summit’s events will primarily, but not only, focus on decoding the latest trends, innovations and insights within the global healthcare ecosystem, and exploring the latest research and developments and technology advancements that aim to revolutionise the sector.

For over a decade, YS has been at the forefront of India’s startup revolution, and has shaped the narrative of the country’s new innovation-driven economy. Our latest event, Health360, aims to investigate deep into the roots of India’s healthcare ecosystem investigating its vulnerabilities and safeguarding its future.

Join us on 26th Aug 2022 for the HealthStory Summit to understand the Indian healthcare ecosystem and an opportunity to network and connect with leaders who discover, invest in, and cultivate healthtech breakthroughs.

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