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Use These Ideas to Help Your Insurance Business Connect With Customers

Insurance business owners find themselves doing everything from serving clients to handling cleaning duties at the office. There is a lot to do, but you have to make time to engage with customers and to attract more to your business.

There are some simple marketing strategies that can take the burden off any business owner and help build your client base.

Keep your website fresh

If you’re a small insurance business, you need an online presence that helps serve your customers and makes you visible to prospects who may become your customers in the future. That means you’ll need to keep your website current with new content that is informative without being pushy. Because most owners are too busy running their business to generate content regularly, many turn to a blog writing service that can provide quality content at an affordable price. Online readers are savvy and won’t settle for sloppy content on your website. A quality article writing service can quickly pay for itself and is key to generating more leads and clients for your insurance business.

Introduce yourself in a short video message

You can also use your website to engage in a more personal way with your customers and prospects. Don’t just limit your marketing to articles on your website. Everyone knows how to use their cell phone to make a video, so record a brief introduction of yourself to post on your website in a way that offers a more personal touch. Don’t worry about doing anything fancy or about the quality of the production. Just make sure your video is clear and brief, less than 30 seconds. This touch will go a long way in connecting with those who visit your site, and when you get the hang of it you can try adding more brief do-it-yourself videos that explore your business services more.

Tell the people what you offer

Make sure you have a place on your website that lists specifically all the products you sell. Give this list a prominent place on the site, and refer to it as often as you can to make sure customers and prospects know about everything you offer. Sure, you can also go over these with clients when you are talking to them. But it is also important to offer that information prominently on your site. It’s likely that your clients and prospects will ask you about certain offerings just by seeing that you handle these in your business. 

Invest in social media advertising

Once you have created the perfect website for your business, you will need to attract people to it. The best way to do that is to invest in social media advertising. For a small expense, you can use social media ads to target specific clients. Social media is an efficient and easy way to refer prospects to your website. Targeted ads can get you in front of different prospects, including a younger demographic that is already using social media for many of their day-to-day tasks.

Buying insurance is no different. Work with a social media marketer to craft targeted ads for specific products you want to offer certain demographics. You can promote life insurance products to young families, auto insurance to certain age groups, long-term care insurance to older families. You know your products better than anyone else, so work with a social media marketer to get those in front of the right people who will benefit most from your business. 

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