Valence Helps Neurodiverse People Interpret Emotions by Expressing Them as Vibrations

Traditional methods of learning don’t work for everyone.

The team at Valence value neurodiversity and has created software that translates the emotional sentiment of vocal pitch into vibrational patterns on smartwatches and haptic wristbands.

Facial expressions and vocal pitch can be hard to read, not just for neurodiverse people. With their wristband, any person can learn to interpret emotions as haptic feedback, a much easier way to understand how your loved ones feel.

Valence is a pro-neurodiversity product, offering a tool to aid people of any neurotype to improve their emotional perception abilities without forcing neurotypical methods of learning on a diverse population.

The software can be used to augment your emotional perception by translating complex, multisensory information into discrete vibrations.

The product can help you improve your ability to recognize the emotions of others in real-time, eliminating the sensory confusion of deciphering vocal pitch, facial expression, and body posturing in synchrony.

Valence is in the process of filing as a Public Benefits Corporation and creating a nonprofit branch to make this product accessible to anyone interested in augmenting their emotional perception. We are also planning to expand to other smartwatches, to enable people to use their app on their current wristband.

Valence is currently raising money on Kickstarter, and recruiting signups on their waitlist pre-launch on their website. For more information visit Valance’s Kickstarter page.

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