You are currently viewing ‘Video call is to businesses what websites were 20 years ago’ – 25 quotes of the week on digital transformation

‘Video call is to businesses what websites were 20 years ago’ – 25 quotes of the week on digital transformation

Launched in 2014, StoryBites is a weekly feature from YS, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week. This special series of quotes focuses on the increasing impact of digital media in India and around the world (see the previous post here). Share these 25 gems and insights with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights.

Disruptive technologies tend to create their own business models, sectors, and entirely new value chains. – Trond Arne Undheim, ‘Future Tech’

Martech helps brands remain agile and have the right specs that evolve with its customers which is crucial to the success and survival of any brand or CMO today. – Moneka Khurana, MMA

Data-driven analytics is the need of the hour in the influencer marketing ecosystem. – Shripati Acharya, Prime Venture Partners

With every individual turning into an influencer, data analytics tools help analyse loopholes in the process and enable access to instant consumer behaviours and perceptions, which is key to the growth of an influencer marketing campaign. – Aaradhya Khanna, Gem Selections

Today’s consumers, especially those who fall in the millennial bracket, value fast-paced and seamless experiences more than anything. – Anil Pinapala, Vivifi India Finance

If you are solving for a big problem or a problem for a big market, then product-market fit should be immediate. – Vinay Bagri, NiYO Solutions

Customers need to be educated on the benefits of using a neobanking product, which is a big task. – Jeevan Gopisetty, Nemo

Enterprise location-based solutions are long overdue for disruption—we’re no longer in a scenario where one-size-fits-all. – Abhi Kumar, M12

The substantial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the domestic and international travel and hospitality industry further corroborates the need to pivot the sector’s current approach towards data-driven solutions. – Harshvardhan Amle, UCHS

Extracurricular learning is an unstructured and fragmented market. Parents typically rely on teachers in their hyperlocal communities. – Anushree Goenka, Spark Studio

We need everyone to be an environmentalist. People need to feel motivated and inspired to do that, instead of guilted into it. – Carissa Cabrera, EcoTok

Real estate is highly fragmented and one of the most unorganised sectors in India. Madhusudhan AV, BricSpaces

Road transport is particularly deeply fragmented—truck owners with fewer than five trucks constitute more than half of all goods vehicles on the road. – Nilesh Ghule, Forza Logistics Techlabs

At least 20 percent of trucks on Indian roads are running empty at any given point of time, resulting in huge loss of revenue to truckers and environmental issues. – Mohammed Imthiaz, Raaho

What works and will work is a B2B2C play, where kirana stores become an epicentre for hyperlocal delivery. – Abhishek Chauhan, RedSeer

The number of people with direct or indirect exposure to the stock market in India is around 1.5 crore out of a population of over 140 crore. – Nikhil Kamath, Zerodha

China and India are collectively home to nearly half of private insurtech companies in the APAC region and attracted about 78 percent of the investments. – S&P Global Market Intelligence report

With constant technology evolution, the Indian fintech ecosystem has rapidly innovated over the years, giving us a clear picture of a digital-first nation that nobody has imagined before. – Animesh Sharma, Indifi Technologies

Most of the Indians believe in taking advice from experts around them, this is the reason 75 percent of retail financial products are sold in India through authorised advisors/agents. – Jitendra Dhaka, BankSathi Technologies

In India, active credit cards are less than 25 million. Indians prefer a transparent digital pay later solution that has no hidden charges or ambiguity around interest rates. – Lizzie Chapman, ZestMoney

Technology has become a highway that cuts across the organisation. – Alex Siow, ‘Leading with IT’

The world of edge devices is growing daily – from the ubiquitous tablets in retail, restaurants and warehouses, to fitness equipment and kiosks. All these devices need provisioning, scaled deployments, and frequent and remote updates. – Andy Vitus, Scale Venture Partners

Cloud is at the heart of accelerating digital transformation and innovation. – Shivir Chordia, Microsoft India

Today, video call is to businesses what websites were 20 years ago. A few years down the lane, video-based communication will become as common as websites – every business will leverage it, thereby making it ubiquitous. – Gaurav Tripathi,

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