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Water from Air? Sunlight? SKY WTR's Formula Hits US Markets

SKY WTR, an innovative canned water product made from air and sunlight, will soon be available in US stores. Developed by the Arizona-based company Source, this product offers a sustainable alternative to traditional bottled water, addressing critical issues of water scarcity and environmental impact.

The Technology Behind SKY WTR

SKY WTR is created using Source’s advanced Hydropanel technology. These panels, akin to solar panels, are designed to produce water instead of electricity. They utilise fans to draw in moisture-laden air, which is absorbed by a hygroscopic material. Solar energy then releases the moisture, which condenses into water within the panel​​.

Each Hydropanel can produce up to three liters of pure, mineralised, and ozonated water daily, ensuring safety and high quality. This technology is effective even in arid environments like Arizona, making it suitable for use in homes, schools, hotels, and remote locations​.

Environmental Impact and Market Potential

The global bottled water industry, worth $350 billion, heavily relies on groundwater extraction, with an estimated 2,150 gigatons extracted over the past three decades. As freshwater demand is projected to exceed supply by 40% by the decade’s end, SKY WTR offers a sustainable solution by generating water directly from the air​.

SKY WTR aims to not only compete in the bottled water market but also to raise awareness about the Hydropanel technology and promote sustainable water sourcing. The product is packaged in recyclable aluminum cans, helping to reduce plastic waste and promote eco-friendly practices​.

Challenges and Future Prospects

While the potential of Hydropanels is promising, their current cost of $3,000 each is a barrier to widespread adoption. However, Source is optimistic that prices will decrease significantly soon, making this sustainable water solution more accessible​​.

Source has already installed Hydropanels in 56 countries, showcasing the technology’s scalability and versatility. In Florida, installations capable of generating 3,000 liters of water per day have been established, with the water being marketed as SKY WTR in the US​.

SKY WTR represents a significant advancement in sustainable water production. As it becomes available in US stores, consumers can support a product that not only meets their hydration needs but also contributes to environmental sustainability. By choosing SKY WTR, individuals can help reduce groundwater depletion and plastic waste while enjoying high-quality drinking water.

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