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What’s the future of tech in the classroom? Find out at the 21K School webinar

Education is the most powerful weapon used to change the world, and technology is the boon to mankind that speeds up exponentially. Futuristic technologies are predicted to resolve several common classroom issues like student participation and engagement, data tracking, and increasing student achievement. Also, closer home initiatives like One-Class- One-Channel, digital labs, and digital universities are set to benefit learners, educational institutes across the K12 and HEI (higher education institution) segment in the times to come.

To delve deeper into the next-generation technology , YourStory in partnership with 21K School is organising a webinar that aims to spark the future of education, and how K12 educational institutions should adopt new technologies to impart high-quality education to make students future-ready.

What to expect?

The session will help uncover tools and applications to help amplify learning outcomes while formulating the power of next-generation technology in education. That would also include focused learning with ample time for exploring interests, and inclusivity in a virtual classroom, and engagement techniques.

The topics to be discussed at the webinar are:

1. Digital education is being made accessible across the country to ensure equitable education to all

2. Global examples of advancements in online education

3. Role of technologies in making children future-ready

4. Use of gamification to ensure learning outcomes

5. 21K School’s vision in bringing Web 3.0, NFT, Blockchain, and Metaverse into the classroom

6. The future of online schools

To be held on March 17, between 4-5 pm, this virtual event would be graced by the eminent presence of Manish Maheswari, Founder & CEO, Invact Metaversity, Santosh Kumar, Co-founder and CEO, 21K School and Yu-kai Chou, gamification pioneer and creator of Octalysis, to be moderated by Manasi Phadnis from YourStory.

To all the parents, educators, and everyone representing the education sector, here’s your chance to witness how next-generation technology can transform education.

To join and live stream the event, confirm your presence today by registering today.

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