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Why a Co-Working Space Is Great As a Startup

Co-Working spaces have taken the world by storm. Places such as WeWork have become increasingly popular year on year and many are drawn to the many benefits they provide. Let’s face it, as a business owner, freelancer or the owner of a start-up company, it can get lonely. You will soon find that you are missing the buzz of working in a shared office space and can find that your creativity is dulled.

This is why a co-working space is such a good idea. There are many different co-working spaces out there and a lot of city apartments that are new builds now include them as part of their package. While many of us choose to work in coffee shops, this can come with its own challenges – having to purchase countless cups of coffee, worrying about using their internet, or just taking up space for other customers.

They can also close at 5pp or a time that is too early for you to finish work. Whether you are working on a blog, a learning platform or a marketing business, you will soon reap the benefits of a co-working space. Here are some top reasons that a co-working space is good for a start-up business to use…

1. It is cheaper than an office

Office space can be extremely costly and you might not be able to find anywhere nice for what you can afford. You don’t want to be stuck in a dingy room in the middle of nowhere and spending a small fortune each month. Co-working spaces are often cool and trendy spots that aren’t as expensive as an office but are so much nicer to be in – it’s a win-win situation!

2. It is great for networking

When you are stuck at home, not only is it lonely, but there is no chance to interact with other potential business owners. Coworking spaces are a hot-bed for innovative company owners and creatives and it can be a great spot to network! You never know who you are going to meet or what connections you could make by going to a coworking space.

3. It is a chance to get out of the house

If you work from home it can soon become very claustrophobic. You  might have your own dedicated office space, but you can find that you go days without even going outside. If this is the case, a coworking space is a great chance to feel like you are getting up and going to a work setting – much like if you were going to the office. It forces you to get up and dressed and you can’t get distracted by household chores such as the washing or doing the dishes.

These are just a few reasons that coworking spaces are great for start-ups. Why not check out ones that are local to your area? You will soon find that you are bringing in more business, feeling more motivated, and enjoying your work more than you were. Have you used a coworking space before? What were your thoughts?

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