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Why is now the right time to invest in these three sectors?

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The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has also made India’s stock markets quite volatile.

However, Reliance Securities ED and CEO, Lav Chaturvedi says that there are better days ahead, with the market expected to be on an upward trajectory in the next two to three months. 

The firm still is projecting a return of 8-10 percent from the equity markets for 2021-22.

On sectors likely to give the most returns in a two-three year period, Lav is betting on hospitality, entertainment, and aviation, which have been impacted the most during the lockdowns.

“If you really have a long term horizon, you may want to allocate some of your money into these sectors, because this is where everybody’s saying stay away from,” he says.

The other sectors to watch out for are pharma, IT, and infrastructure, which are seeing a lot of activity.

Read about how the Indian startup ecosystem is battling the second wave of COVID-19 here.

Here are some useful tools and links that can help you find the nearest vaccine centres in real-time.

The Interview

With the number of cyberattacks and phishing frauds on the rise, it is becoming increasingly important to prioritise investments in multi-cloud security. Cisco’s Anubhav Wahie, Groww’s Neeraj Singh, Delhivery’s Rajiv Dinesh, and Myntra’s Sudheer Tumuluru discuss the specifics of adopting a single cloud provider against a multi-cloud footprint, and the associated imperatives of building a secure and scalable security architecture. 

Editor’s Pick: ZestMoney

According to CEIC, India is still one of the most financially underpenetrated markets, with household debt ratios being just 11-12 percent. To help more people get access to credit, Lizzie Chapman, Priya Sharma, and Ashish Anantharaman started ZestMoney in 2015. The fintech firm’s AI-driven EMI financing platform looks at SMS data to understand the creditworthiness of the borrower. Read more.

Lizzie Chapman, Co-founder, ZestMoney

Startup Spotlight

Using hydroponics to grow chemical-free crops

According to a World Bank study, 70 percent of global water usage goes towards agricultural production. To develop sustainable and economically viable agricultural practices, Amit Kumar and Abhay Singh founded Eekifoods. The Kota-based agritech startup uses hydroponics techniques to grow plants, claiming that it produces crops 20 percent faster and provides better control over the taste. Read more.

News & Updates

  • As part of a joint effort, oncology care hospital Cytecare and healthtech startup Cloudphysician have converted the Canadian International School’s hostel into a 120-bed COVID-19 treatment centre as a non-profit venture.
  • The Union Health Ministry said that more than 1.84 crore COVID-19 vaccine doses are available with states and UTs, while nearly 51 lakh doses are in the pipeline and will be received by them within the next three days.

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Reliance Securities ED and CEO Lav Chaturvedi

“Let the volatility remain in the market, not in your conduct; your conduct should be opposite to that, it should be as smooth as possible.”

Lav Chaturvedi, ED and CEO, Reliance Securities

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