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Your 8-Point Guide to Developing a Memorable Brand Personality –

Come for the monetary gain; stay for the endless other benefits. That’s how the story goes for many businesses that commit to developing authentic, attractive, and memorable brands. As a result of intentional brand-building, they enjoy gains that range from boosted engagement to increased influence and the ability to reel in other brands that gladly pay to share their spotlight. For them, it’s the key to real prosperity in business. It can be the same for you.

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However, successfully harnessing the full power of branding to strengthen your business requires much thought, planning, and consistent effort. So you need to understand what brand personality and brand messaging are, the importance of both, and how to shape them to create a lasting brand that’ll bring you lasting success. And that’s what we’re covering in this post.

What is brand personality and why should you care?

We all understand what “personality” is in an everyday context. It refers to the combinations of distinct characteristics and qualities that make people recognizable and, hopefully, attractive to others. That definition remains the same when it comes to branding.

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Just as every person has a personality, so does every brand. And just as an individual’s personality affects how others view and interact with them, your brand’s personality impacts how people view and interact with your business. It can make the difference between struggling to get by and:

>Retaining more loyal customers and turning them into brand advocates.Bringing in a steady stream of new customers.Building credibility and authority within your industry, which fuels more of the above.

So, of course, you don’t want to leave the development of your brand personality to chance. If you want the benefits of having a brand, you have to go after them strategically. How? 

4 ways to develop your brand personality

Consider four crucial steps in the process of defining your brand personality.

1. Decide who you are FIRST

Many brands decide who they are AFTER launch and tailor their messaging as things shake out. That’s a waste of time, money, and resources. Instead of playing catch up, streamline things from the start.

Choose your core values and the drivers behind your work BEFORE ever coming to market. Highlight your

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