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15 Ways to Audit Your Google Ads Account Post-COVID –

I’ll spare you the stale jokes about “unprecedented” times, but as we enter a year since the COVID-19 craziness started, we are still in a position where we’re not always sure what to do next. For most of us, things came to a halt in more ways than one—with our personal lives, maybe our career growth, and definitely our small businesses. This may have included marketing and advertising as we shifted from growth mode to survival mode. Now, the peak of the pandemic has passed and we’re still proceeding with caution—but proceeding nonetheless. And this may mean reactivating strategies that have been put on hold for weeks or months—like your Google Ads campaigns. The good news is, whether you’re starting fresh, reenabling the old, or ramping up the current use of your Google Ads account, we’ve outlined exactly what you need to do to audit your account and reactivate with confidence.

google ads account audit post pandemic

It can feel a bit overwhelming to reinstate strategies in a new world with new priorities and mindsets. Luckily, we’ve got this Google Ads account audit checklist to help you out. Follow the steps listed out below to look at your account with fresh eyes and get your hands dirty (well, metaphorically—you may still want to carry around the hand sanitizer).

Where is your Google Ads account now?

Chances are, you fall into one of three scenarios with regard to your Google Ads account with respect to COVID-19:

>As a last resort during the outbreak, you paused everything. Now, you’re back in your account looking to pick up the pieces. If this sounds like you, then not to worry. The silver lining is that half the work is already done! The campaigns are already built out and you just have to turn them back on in a strategic way.

On the opposite end, you may have scaled back and are looking to rebuild a more robust campaign structure. This is also an advantage because you have some more recent data still going for you to base your next move off of.


Or, if you’re just starting out with a totally fresh account then that’s okay too! This way you get to build out the account with a new outlook.


As you can see, regardless of your post-COVID situation, there are positive opportunities in store. In the next section, we’re going to go through a list of boxes to check off to ensure you get the most out of these opportunities.

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Title: 15 Ways to Audit Your Google Ads Account Post-COVID
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