5 Tips on How to Throw the Ultimate Surprise Party

After 2020, the year nobody needs to dwell on, it’s high time to catch up on all the birthdays and anniversaries during lockdown that you just couldn’t celebrate properly at the time. Why not kill two birds with one sparkling proverbial stone and throw your bestie, your mom, or anyone you love a surprise party; it doesn’t have to be their birthday; it can just be because!

1. Pick a Theme

Presumably, as you are going to all this effort and unavoidable expense to throw them a surprise party, it is fairly likely that you know the guest of honor pretty well. Choose a party theme, be it fancy dress or just based around the decor and/or music and food that you categorically know they will enjoy, and go to town on it!

2. Get a Friend to Help

If your celebration is going to be one absolute monster of a party, then it’s best to share the duties, venue sourcing, and general planning worries with another mutual friend. Avoid, at all costs, those friends that are likely to accidentally spill the beans, and choose someone who you know to be a good organizer and a huge fan of the guest of honor. 

3. Don’t Forget to Budget

When planning a party for a loved one, it is scarily easily to spend a ridiculous amount of money when, essentially, the guest of honor will be over the moon with the fact you have gone to all the bother of organizing and likely not care whether its champagne in the glass or good old prosecco. 

4. Send out Proper Invites

The easiest, quickest and cheapest way to successfully secretly invite your party guests is to use specially designed digital invitations, just be sure to send them out in plenty of time; essentially, the sooner, the better. Any fancy dress theme, food and drink restrictions, or special requests from the guests, such as everyone should bring an embarrassing photograph of the guest of honor, for example, can be included within the invitation. 

5. Food and Drink

Lastly, but obviously hugely important, is planning the food and drink for the party. If you have chosen a theme, for example, a festival-themed celebration, then be sure to base your food around the rest of your party theme. If you decide not to choose a theme, be sure to provide a fresh, finger-food-based buffet and make sure you cater to guests with food allergies and special food-related requests. 

What’s more, you should let professional bar hosts take care of all your party drinks, thus taking all the stress of organizing such things completely away from yourself. The team at Event Bartenders are a fun and on-trend way to make sure your party is brimming with fun, excitement, and alcohol aplenty! 

Who knows, follow these guidelines, and you might even be able to indulge in a little tipple yourself to reward you for all your hard work. 

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