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7 Inspiring Post-COVID Marketing Ideas (+Real Examples!) –

Broadway theaters in New York are scheduled to resume performances in September 2021—18 months after they shuttered in the early days of the pandemic.

It’s one of the clearest signs yet that a “new normal” is on the horizon.

Indeed, with about 110 million Americans fully vaccinated as of May 2021, other pandemic-era restrictions are starting to lift on public spaces like bars, restaurants, gyms, and stadiums across the country.

post covid marketing ideas for US states lifting covid restrictions

Things really are starting to come alive this time around, and your business (and customers) should be too. That’s why we’re covering seven ways to prepare for and leverage the positive changes to come, according to top digital marketing experts across a variety of industries.

1. Return to out-of-home advertising and live events

One tactic is to return to out-of-home advertising and live events, which have understandably been neglected in the last year.

For his part, Dan Cassidy, CEO of Shopify agency Brand Hopper Digitalis advising ecommerce clients to prepare for a boost in demand for products in categories like apparel and beauty “that will help people feel good and look good as they reenter the public.”

Increase your investment in live events

“After being cooped up, people are ready to get out into the world and we predict that more people will be traveling, at live events and in public spaces than ever before,” said Krista Neher, CEO of digital marketing and social media training programBoot Camp Digital. “This is a great time to capitalize on this.”

In fact, she noted Boot Camp Digital plans to increase its investment in live events in order to have a bigger presence when they return.

inspiring post-covid marketing ideas live event searches increasing

Get more out of sponsoring

“We expect attendance will be up. However, sponsorship and exhibitor rates aren’t changing,” Neher added. “This creates a golden opportunity—we can reach more people for the same rates as in the past.”

Lars Skjold Iversen, search engine explorer at CMS platformUmbraco, agreed, noting we all have Zoom fatigue by now and will likely opt for in-person events over webinars if given the choice. That makes live events “a great place for us to be.”

Try a hybrid approach

For his part,

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