You are currently viewing 7 promising female-founded fintech startups in Berlin to watch out for in 2021

7 promising female-founded fintech startups in Berlin to watch out for in 2021

Women in tech are striving hard to establish their presence and motivate others in the industry. However, even in the current modern world, women entrepreneurs are under-represented and do not achieve parity as their male counterparts in the world of technology. 

However, despite the many challenges that women entrepreneurs face, many, in the tech startup ecosystem, have shunned all the disparities and have come out with flying colours. 

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Having said that, here is a list of 7 women-led Berlin-based fintech startups who have strived hard to lift up the spirit of the aspirational women in the community and to take part in the progress and make their dreams come to reality.

Certain details of these startups such as founders’ names, founded year, and the total funding amount raised have been sourced from Dealroom.

Image credit: Neufund


Founder/s: Zoe Adamovicz, Marcin Rudolf

Founded in: 2016

Funding: €16M

Neufund connects investors and entrepreneurs in a novel way. The company creates blockchain-based solutions and services, which include a fundraising and investing platform, an employee stock option plan (ESOP) manager, a light wallet, post-investment instruments, and more.

In 2018 Neufund conducted the world’s first fully compliant public offering on blockchain and hosted the world’s first blockchain IPO in 2019. To date, investors have committed more than €20M through the platform.

Image credit: LinkedIn


Founder/s: Eugene Danilkis, Frederik Pfisterer, Sofia Nunes

Founded in: 2011

Funding: €153M

Mambu is a SaaS banking engine which powers digital financial services, providing flexible, off-beat banking designs which enable its clients to operate like tech companies rather than traditional banks.

Mambu claims to be powering both: a) building new fintechs and b) migration of existing financial institutions onto a tech stack fit for the fintech era. The platform is used by traditional banks, fintech startups, financial institutions, nonprofits, and other businesses to power their financial products and services.

Image credit: Remagine


Founder/s: Julia Profeta Johansson, Sebastian Dienst

Founded in: 2019

Funding: €20M

Both serial founders and impact investing experts are guided by the belief that every business can be more sustainable and impactful without compromising growth. Their company Remagine provides a financial platform tailored to founders, which helps them to accelerate their positive social and environmental impact.

In addition to that, the platform also claims to ease the transition to a more responsible and sustainable world through its own operations – for example, Remagine has committed to a number of impact-driven initiatives, per account opening, financing, and card transactions made. The startup has also pledged to contribute 10 per cent of its profits to impact causes.

Image credit: RatePay


Founder/s: Miriam Wohlfarth, Alexis Giesen

Founded in: 2009

Funding: €83M

Ratepay specialises in online payment solutions, specially for an e-commerce business. They optimise the payment process in the checkout of an online shop with their products. Merchants can offer their customers safe and popular payment methods such as installment payments, open invoice,s and direct debit. Merchants transfer the risk of default payments directly to Ratepay while increasing their revenue at the same time.

The company brings together all parties involved and take over the organisation, management, and coordination of all upcoming tasks. In addition, it also undertakes tasks as debtor management. Ratepay is part of the Otto Group.

Image credit: LinkedIn


Founder/s: Aiga Senftleben, Artem Demchenkov, Christian Grobe, Matthias Knecht

Founded in: 2016

Funding: €47M

Billie is on a mission to reinvent working capital management for SMEs by offering innovative lending products. It claims to solve the order-to-cash problem through an automated invoice financing solution tailored to small businesses. In addition to its factoring services, Billie helps SMEs secure better payment terms by offering a pay-after-delivery product for B2B online merchants.

Image credit: LinkedIn


Founder/s: Masha McConaghy, Bruce Pon, Trent McConaghy

Founded in: 2014 

Funding: €4.9M

BigchainDB lets developers and enterprises deploy blockchain proofs-of-concept. The company starts with a distributed database and adds blockchain characteristics to it. It supports a wide range of industries and use cases from intellectual property, IoT, supply chains, and more. 

With high throughput, powerful functionality, and sub-second latency, this blockchain startup automates business processes, looks, acts, and feels like a database and has blockchain characteristics needed by enterprises.

Image credit: Mattrvest


Founder/s: Diane Delava, Mayur Singh, Diego Rojas

Founded in: 2019

Funding: €90.9K

Mattrvest was founded with a vision to empower people to save for what matters the most to them. This is possible with the AI-powered smart digital assistant that helps them plan, save, and spend while ensuring a better future. The company is focused on a unique community-driven go-to-market strategy.

Are you a Berlin-based fintech startup and are missing from the list? Let us know, we will make sure to include you too.

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