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A Few Ways to Save Money on Household Bills


Sometimes our bills and outgoings can creep up higher and higher without us even realizing sometimes it is always best to try and keep on top of them and reduce them where we can. Meaning we have more money to spend on the things that make us happy, like days out, a bottle of wine, or wherever takes our fancy.

Reduce Food Waste

One way you can reduce your food bill is by making sure you don’t waste the food you buy. So many people waste food every week. Those poor carrots in the back of the fridge are desperate to be used, going moldy and eventually finding their way to the bin. A good way to make sure you don’t waste food each week is to plan your meals, then you can use what you already have in the house and just buy what you need to make the dishes you’ve chosen for the week. Which will also reduce your bill!

Heat Can Be Escaping!

Heating bills can also include heat that escapes, so you are paying for heat you don’t even use! So, looking to insulate your home in a safe and practical way is a good alternative. If you use a spray foam it is important to be aware of spray foam application temperatures as the temperature can affect how the foam will act. You want to make sure it is applied correctly and safely so that it can insulate your house and start getting your home warmer and leaving more money in your pocket.

Turn It Off

Electricity is one of those things that Dads always tend to moan about, but for good reason. Lights being left on in empty rooms is using electricity unnecessarily. As well as leaving things on standby when you can just turn them off at the source. Another thing is most of us charge our phones overnight but about 2 am it is fully charged but still plugged in and on until we wake up. If you are able to gauge the amount of time it takes your phone to charge you can get timer plugs so they switch off after a certain amount of time. A perfect option for charging your phone. All these little things contribute to the bills being higher so being on the lookout and watching for these things can actually save you a good amount of money. Also a good idea on looking to reduce your electricity bill for your business as well, especially if you own the business!

Check Your Plans

Every so often we come to the end of fixed-rate and special offer plans, we may miss notifications or not even realize it has come to an end. So when looking at your utility bills set up a reminder in your calendar every 3-4 months or if you know set dates pop them in your calendar and speak to your providers about the plans you are on. Chances are they can offer you something a lot cheaper.

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