Advertising For Business: All You Need To Know About

Our business is our business, none of your business. Yeah, lots of memes have been created over it. But in real world, your business matters a lot for others, and why not? Business is about trading between two people, whether B2B or B2C. Okay, not going to bother you by telling what is business and how it is to be done. You better know. But, what needs for your business, Nobis(We) better know. And answer is Advertisement.

No matter how much efforts are you taking in business. If your business is not known to people, simply they won’t buy your products. Resultantly, less revenue. Human Psychology man. People believe what they see, listen, feel more often. You just have to strike the chord between your consumers’ emotions and your product. That’s it.

So let’s take a tour of importance of advertising in business.

Brand Awareness

Again, reaching your brand to large number of audience is crucial. You are not alone in your industry that sells products or services. Give a reason to people as in your potential customers that they should buy products from you only.

Creative advertising creates wonders. We at Nobis, don’t do business, we do creativity. Creative advertisements captures attention. Once, you caught attention of people, just sit back and relax. Rest your consumers will decide.

Increases Sales

Advertisement boosts your sales. Once your brand become known to people, psychological buying cycle of consumer begins. Your consistent efforts (creative, never forget) in advertisements compels people to think that you are a leader in the industry. Consequently, more sales.

Let’s take an example, Company A and Company B sells the same product, even the quality of product is also same. But, Company A just sells the products and Company B embraced Advertising. What will happen? Through advertising target audience of both the companies will get attracted towards Company B (who doesn’t like beautiful visuals and creativity?!). Consequently, people will tend to buy Company B’s products. And Company A? Well, people don’t even know them. Period.

Influence Buyers Decisions

People get confused when they see same product by multiple different companies. Powerful, yet creative advertisement can clear this confusion. Here comes storytelling.

People have problem. You come up with exact solution. Compelling, attractive, catchy solution. That’s the beauty of advertisement. Wow! Advertisement has many synonyms. Once you solved their problem, surely they will buy from you.

Advertising has a power to influence buyers decisions.


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