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Google has finally added 4K HDR video support for the YouTube Android app. Users will be able to watch videos in 4K resolution at 60FPS with HDR on devices, provided the videos are uploaded at that resolution and support HDR, according to a report by Android Police. Until now, support for 4K HDR was only available for iPhone users, while Android only had access to 1440 pixels resolution. With 4K support, users can upload videos in 2160 pixels (or 4K) with HDR on Android phones. To change the resolution, users will be required to tap on the three dots menu and check for video playback in the highest resolution.

 YouTube Android app gets support for 4K HDR video streaming: All you need to know

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Note that 4K resolution videos consume a lot of data that could slow down the internet speed and might as well affect the smartphone battery. The feature feels pointless for phones that are limited to 1080p or 720p display resolution, as you could be wasting your bandwidth. Streaming higher resolution content will result in the video looking a bit sharper on the display, technically with no resolution difference.

The difference will be hard to see on small smartphone displays compared to computers, but it’s a nice step by Google to give users the option.

The first sign of the feature went live a few days ago, 15 February, followed by reports coming in fast and thick. Now that the devices have an option, regardless of the country, account, or app version, the feature will be rolling out widely. To get 4K HDR playback support, users will have to update the YouTube app from Google Playstore. In case you need the update immediately on your Android devices, simply download the APK Mirror version of the app, and use the feature right away.

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