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PUBG is getting a new mobile title for Android and iOS called PUBG: New State. PUBG Corp has shared the official trailer for the game and a dedicated website has been set up for the same. The new game aims at bringing the battle royale to a more futuristic take. The game is set in the year 2051 and takes place on a new map called Troi. The game promises to bring a slew of futuristic vehicles and weapons like deployable combat shields, drones and more.

 PUBG: New State is now open for pre-registrations on Google Play: All you need to know

PUBG: New State

The new game is set to dive deeper into the lore of PUBG Universe and promises to change the formula for PUBG games, as it gets in-game weapon customisations that will enable users to modify their weapons within a match.

The PUBG: New State is the third battle royale game under the PUBG umbrella, after the mobile and PC/console versions of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

The game has been developed by PUBG Studio and promises ultra-realistic graphics that will push the limits of mobile gaming. For now, the company has not shared an exact release date for the game but the report suggests it may launch as early as next week. More details on PUBG: New State can be expected in the coming days.

PUBG Mobile was banned in India in September 2020 because of tensions between India and China, as a Chinese company, Tencent was involved with the game. There were attempts made by Krafton to bring the game back to India but nothing seems to have worked out. It remains to be seen if the PUBG: New State will release in the country or not.

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