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Awesome gamepads to play on your PCs- Technology News, FP

Dual shock

Ever wanted a PS DualShock controller but like the Xbox button layout more? Well, then, the BEBONCOOL Gamepad for PC/Laptop/PS3 is the one for you. With its unique red & blue color combination, it is sure to catch the eye of everyone in your living or gaming room. It is multi-platform as it supports Windows, PlayStation & Xbox. It has added buttons for Turbo functionality and a rubberized grip for a firm hold.

The Pro

RedGear is no stranger when it comes to gaming products and this latest gamepad, the Redgear Pro Series Wired Gamepad, doesn’t disappoint at all. The whole layout mimics that of an Xbox controller and it has plug & plays support on Windows. The XYAB keys are illuminated, unlike other controllers. It has 1.8 meters cable which allows you to sit at a distance and enjoy your wide-angle monitor.

For PS People

If you absolutely love and need the PlayStation controller layout and design for your PC gamepad then this one is for you. It mimics the dualshock controller 1:1 including its functionality buttons. The Logitech Gamepad F310 guarantees quality, sturdiness and is made with long-lasting materials. It’s navy blue in color and features plug & play support on Windows.

Wireless king

If you wanted a wireless gamepad similar to the actual Xbox controller then the Cosmic Byte Callisto Wireless Gamepad is for you. It comes with a USB receiver that you plug it in and enjoy playing from the couch at a distance. It features textured grips for easier hold when playing. It has vibration motors similar to that of the Xbox controller but the best part is the programmable buttons which allow you to have a wide variety of hacks.

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