You are currently viewing AWS commits $230M to support early-stage GenAI startups

AWS commits $230M to support early-stage GenAI startups

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has committed $230 million to support generative AI startups. It also announced the expansion of the global Generative AI Accelerator programme, aimed at helping 80 founders including 20 from Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ).

The 10-week AWS Generative AI Accelerator programme will provide $1 million in AWS credit as well as sessions focused on developing skills related to machine stack optimisation, and go-to-market strategies. This will also include business and technical mentorship besides networking opportunities.

AWS also announced the launch of the new AWS Generative AI Spotlight programme in the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ), a four-week accelerator programme focused on pre-seed and seed-stage ready startups in the region who are building generative AI applications.

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The programme will help selected startups to accelerate their understanding of and fluency with generative AI tools and services from AWS, by providing them access to business and technical knowledge and expertise from industry experts, founders, and investors, and as well as peer support from a community of innovators of fellow cohort members from across the region.

The AWS Generative AI Spotlight programme in APJ is in collaboration with venture capital firms and organisations in key cities across the region. In India, AWS is collaborating with venture capital firm Accel for the programme.

The AWS Generative AI Spotlight programme in APJ will select up to 120 pre-seed and seed-stage ready startups across the region, including 40 from India.

 AWS India Head of startup ecosystem Amitabh Nagpal said, “Tailored to the lifecycle of early-stage generative AI startups, the two distinct, complementary programs- AWS global generative AI accelerator, and APJ Generative AI Spotlight, are designed to offer selected startups access to various resources such as AWS credits, tools, and expertise, to accelerate their journey.”

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