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Best portable scanners for reliable document scanning anywhere- Technology News, FP

Scans high-resolution files easily

This portable scanner has a high resolution for A4 size documents and images, giving it an excellent scanning performance. Compact in size and lightweight design, it is very handy to carry around. To avoid image distortion this scanner comes with a built-in and real-time scanning detector. Just plug-in and play, no hassle of driver installation. This scanner supports a memory card of up to 32GB and can handle large files easily. Easy, lightweight, and compact, this scanner is a perfect companion for travelers and businesspeople.

Detects image distortion

Scan your important documents, receipts, and notes with high resolution. Perfect for A4 documents this scanner is not at all heavy. Forget blurry and distorted images, this scanner comes with a scanning detector. The detector avoids image distortion. It comes with an 8GB memory card. So storing large amounts of the file is no problem. In case that’s not enough, you can also expand the memory up to 32 GB by an external memory card. Forget driver installation, you can just plug and play. Get this scanner for a hassle-free scanning experience.

Fits perfectly in your briefcase

Convenient and portable this is one of the best portable scanners in the market. It is so slim it fits perfectly in your briefcase. Powered by the universal USB connector, this portable scanner is as clutter-free as it is easy. No need to worry even if you are not much of a techno-savvy. This portable scanner is so easy that you can just plug the device and hit scan. Forget the hassle of installing the drivers. With one-touch scanning functionality, you can immediately scan the documents. What’s more, you can even give access to third-party applications like Evernote, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Google Docs, etc to scan the document. This portable scanner is perfect if you regularly scan on the go.

Compact scanner

This scanner is the perfect mobile scanning solution for users who need to scan a wide variety of documents regardless of where they are. Weighing a little more than a small bottle of water it is perfectly lightweight. With dimensions similar to a rolled-up magazine, it sits compactly in a laptop bag. It is powered by the USB port so you can scan anywhere – even when AC power is unavailable. Designed for Businesspeople, you can scan, save, and send important data wherever your business takes you.

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