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Best solar gadgets for outdoor use- Technology News, FP

A survival kit for adventure lovers
If you are a trekker, hiker, love camping or any other outdoor travel lover, this product is going to be a survival tool for you. It is a solar-powered torch that has seven working flashlight modes that also include a side red light which can be used as a substitute for car tail lights at night. It features a window breaker, a knife strong enough to cut a seat belt, compass and a built-in 2000mAh power bank making. Voroly Solar Torch Light is water and shock resistant for use under rugged and emergency conditions, thus making it a must-buy product.

Solar power learning kit
A solar power toy kit that will help kids to learn about solar energy in an educational way while experimenting with it, thus giving a practical experience to them. This product is made for kids above the age of 12 years and to be used strictly under the supervision of a person having technical knowledge. It consists of a boat, fan, car, and robot models which work on solar power to give a live demonstration on various uses of solar energy. If you want to educate your child about solar energy in a very creative manner, DUL DUL Original Solar Power Learning-Educational Kit is your best buy.

Mini solar racer car
A vintage modeled car being powered by solar energy for kids to learn along with playing. This toy car doesn’t need any kind of battery or electric charge as its whole roof is covered with solar panels that keep its mechanism working. It is claimed to be the smallest solar-powered car and works flawlessly when placed under sunlight or even artificial bright light. It has the dimensions of 33mm x 22mm x 14mm which truly is a small size. If you are looking for a good toy that will not only entertain a kid but also give some good knowledge, e-INFINITY Solar car Gadget Smallest Solar Power Mini Toy Car Racer is made for you.

Power bank cum camping lamp
A very strong and sturdy metal-built device that works as a power bank as well as a led camping lamp. This device is equipped with solar power panels that help in changing your phone from sunlight, shadow of sunlight or any other type of light. It also features an AC adapter thus works like your normal non-solar powered power bank too. It features a 20 LED lamp that can be used while camping, which has three different modes – flashlight, bright light for darker mode, and an SOS which works on a simple one-click mechanism. Probeatz Solar Power Bank gives a high performance of 20000mAh.

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