Best Time Saving System For Creating Information Products

I’ve been interviewing experts for five years and have found through my work that doing a simple audio interview is the best way to make an information product.

A good interview is just me talking on the phone with an expert, asking questions.

Many of these questions have already been written out for me so I never have to dream them up. It’s simple. All I am is the guy asking the expert good questions that I want to know the answers to. I am not the one with the expertise, instead, I ask the expert what he knows. These answers are also ones that the public would want to know too.

If you want to create real magic, you’ll want to record the interview and have the interview transcribed. Then you will have a digital audio interview that you can sell and use to promote your information product. This interview can be streamed as audio, and the transcript can be read as well.

Your interview writes itself for you by the natural progression of conversational questions and answers communication.

This simple method is how I’ve been able to create dozens of information products.

I am just the guy asking the questions and compiling these answers into audio interviews into ultimately information products.

You can do this too. Record an interview with you and an expert, having a conversation while asking questions you want to know the answers to. It’s probably the simplest way known to man for creating an information product that can sell for hundreds of dollars.


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