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BidWheelz, From Dreaming To Become An Entrepreneur To Actually Being One – Nakul Khandelwal

Succeeding in a startup environment isn’t always easy. When you’re passionate about the work you’re doing or the mission your company is pursuing, it’s easier to put up with the inherent uncertainties of life. 

Bidwheelz TeamFrom Left to Right (Founder and Core Team)- Sethupathi Asokan, Nakul Khandelwal, Jairaj Abichandani, Gautam Rege, Sameer Tilak. 

BidWheelz is an Auction platform that offers transparent auctioning of resale vehicles. It offers auction services for all types of vehicles. The company fluently functions in deal facilitation and looks after the complete transfer responsibility of the vehicle giving the clients a perfect assurance. Apart from dealing, it also assists the clients in niches of insurance and loan.

The prime key factor the company enlights is ‘Transparency’, thus building trust among the customers and growing eventually. Their ability to do transparent auctioning backed with AI and ML supported systems with an efficient inspection makes them stand apart. 

In Spite of all the ups and downs, the company strives to enhance their sales by 15-18% every month.

The Right Commencement!

Mr.Nakul Khandelwal born and raised in Pune completed his Bachelors from Ness Wadia College of Commerce, Pune, and MBA from SIBM, Bangalore. With the rapidly growing world market and acknowledging the pros and cons, he had always dreamt of pursuing the Entrepreneurial path. He was always keen on solving people’s problems using his Knowledge and research thereby trying to reduce people’s dependency. 

“Strike while the iron is hot’: a remarkable quote that most successful entrepreneurs abide by and Mr.Nakul is not any exception to this. He saw the gargantuan opportunity in the market and stepped in with the goal of making people’s lives better, particularly when it comes to Vehicles.

That Strike on Iron! 

Without ideas, progress isn’t made, change doesn’t happen, much of human development stops. The idea chipped in when one of the co-founders had to sell his car and was getting numerous offers from the market from various players. They couldn’t adhere to a single one as to no assurance of the authentic one. Considering the competition and need, they started pondering on the idea of a platform connecting the buyers and sellers.  

They believed in the plan and things automatically fell into their place as the automobile industry is a huge market. They left no stone unturned and aimed to create a brand that was transparent and trustworthy with notable customer satisfaction.

Challenging the limits!

The main challenge the company faced was finding the right people and the right team to work with. Also, trying to stand apart seemed a bit tough as there were many people comparing them to other brands in the market and it took patience to assure people of their services and the way of functioning. Like any other venture, they had difficult times raising funds, facing the denials of people, but their hard work added a feather to their cap.

The Future Spike!

The company aims to transform it into an automobile marketplace that caters to all services of automobiles including buy, sell, servicing, spare parts sales, insurance and loans related to automobiles. It would be a one-stop-shop to solve all the automobile-related problems.

Words of wisdom for Aspiring entrepreneurs!

The only advice Mr.Nakul gives the young minds is to never quit and keep going.

Achieving a goal is a wildly exhilarating thing and it always seems impossible until done. One should learn from mistakes and rise higher. Great losses are great lessons. You learn by doing, and by falling over. Dedication and Hard work beat all the odds. No doubt, things don’t always go as planned and take time, however trusting the process is the key!

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