bipp Analytics Launches New BI Platform That Puts Data Analysts First

Business intelligence is crucial to the growth and success of a company. However, analyzing business data can be a time-consuming task. A business intelligence platform can help your company save time, but it needs to have the right features to allow data analysts to really understand and tell stories with data. Luckily, bipp Analytics accomplishes that.

bipp is a business intelligence company that helps you make better and faster decisions. Their enterprise-grade, in-database cloud BI platform was designed for SQL and data analysts, resulting in saved time for them and their teams. The platform also leverages SQL and their own bippLang data modeling language to support collaboration, Git-based version control, and reusable data models.

Bipp includes a variety of features to help analysts get the most out of the platform.

bippLang Data Modeling Language
bippLang data modeling language creates reusable complex data models featuring custom columns and dynamic sub-querying in order to streamline SQL queries.

Data Visualization
Data visualizations reduce time to insight by allowing users to slice and dice data. Every sheet in bipp can be saved and used in dashboards, and updates in the dashboard are reflected in real time. A variety of visualization types are available, including tables, bar graphs, pie charts, grid charts, maps, GMAPS, treemaps, and metrics. Custom visualizations are also available.

Git-Based Version Control
With Git-based version control, data models and SQL queries are automatically backed up. It also allows for file management and collaboration between analysts. Source control features include multiple branches, save/committing code to its own branch, automatically merging changes from the browser, and push/pull from the master.

In-Database Analytics
With in-database analytics, users don’t have to copy data into a different system. Data processing happens within the database, which speeds up access and allows for real-time results.

SQL Editor
The SQL editor is a fully fledged IDE natively integrated with GIT. The query editor allows users to write, execute and test queries to make it easier to develop large data models. Features also include one-click queries, code autocomplete, and query history. The SQL editor also allows users to test changes to queries and debug any issues found during visualization.

Auto-SQL Generator
The auto-SQL generator leverages joins defined in the data model, determines which tables to join, and creates dynamic sub-queries based on context.

Reports and Alerts
bipp provides data-based email alerts to help your team make decisions more quickly. These alerts can be created based on title, frequency, schedule and recipients. Ad-hoc reporting enables users to explore data models, easily create complex SQL queries, and quickly generate insights. Business users can also schedule personalized reports to be automatically delivered to their inbox as JPG files or PDFs.

Database Connection
bipp connects to Amazon Redshift, MySQL, Google BigQuery, MS SQL Server, PostfreSQL, Impala, Snowflake, and other leading databases.

Always-Free Model
bipp offers an always-free version, so you have access to powerful BI tools and support at no cost. They also offer three paid versions for even more functionality.

Businesses need to be able to access and analyze important data in order to make decisions and help their company grow. If bipp Analytics sounds like the right solution for your business, you can try it out at


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