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Carry your music wherever you go with these budget MP3 players- Technology News, FP

Music on the go

The Shaarq S6 Bluetooth Headphone with Compact Mini Mp3 Player comes with a built-in microphone to handle hands-free audio calls easily. You can also control the volume, sound, and bass and songs you wish to listen to as well as telephone controls making listening to music and attending calls really convenient. It’s compact and lightweight making it portable and easy to carry around wherever you go. Its battery life is super efficient and can give you 4-5 hours of uninterrupted listening experience. You can literally carry your jam wherever you want and control which song you want to listen to and your bass/treble preferences as well with absolutely no hassle.

Simple and compact

The King Shine Portable Digital MP3 Player is a compact gadget that comes with many awesome features that make it so reliable. It comes with a long-lasting battery life giving you an uninterrupted listening experience. It has a built-in memory card slot and an inbuilt torch. These stunning features make the gadget easy to use and reliable. It has a digital display so you can view which song is currently playing and the sound quality is clear and soothing with minimum noise. It supports any regular earphone as it comes with a 3.5mm audio jack port. In a nutshell, it is a classic product to store your good old fashioned mp3 tracks and enjoy them on the go.


Now you can listen to your good old fashioned downloaded songs hassle-free using The Vizykart Digital Mp3 Player. The gadget comes with a rechargeable long-lasting battery and can be directly connected to the desktop while transferring mp3 songs using a memory card reader. It is so compact and lightweight you can carry it to your workout sessions, cycling, and hiking trips as well without any worry about accidents or rough usage. It supports a 16GB SD/TF Memory card and comes in a very attractive design. You can control the sound and volume of songs you listen to very conveniently with this gadget.

Trusted travel companion

The Drumstone[ Traveler’s Chosen Pack is a small and compact product that is super convenient to carry around and fits in your pocket too. You can take your favorite mp3 songs to your traveling and hiking trips and enjoy your jam anywhere you go. This gadget supports your good old fashioned mp3 songs and comes with long-lasting battery life for uninterrupted listening for hours. It has a memory slot for your SD cards which can store up to 8GB songs and comes with a built-in LED torch. Its build is strong and resistant making it a reliable option to carry around without worrying about damage.

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