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Coffee and connectivity: 5 work cafes in HSR layout Bangalore

A vibrant neighbourhood in the heart of Bangalore, HSR Layout is one of the most thriving startup hubs in the Garden City. This bustling commercial zone serves as the nurturing ground for a myriad of successful startups. Amidst this entrepreneurial buzz, the area boasts an array of technologically innovative and visually captivating cafes, each a testament to both artistry and innovation.

Navigating through these eclectic cafes might seem like a delightful challenge! 

Whether you’re a freelancer seeking inspiration, an aspiring entrepreneur in search of a conducive environment, or simply someone relishing the idea of working with a cup of coffee, our curated selection of HSR Layout’s finest cafes is here to help you out! Read along.

Art Blend Cafe 

Art Blend Cafe

Art Blend Cafe is more than just a culinary haven; it’s a cosy retreat where art and gastronomy merge seamlessly. 

Beyond the delectable array of global cuisines, this cafe doubles up as a retreat for artists seeking to immerse themselves in their passion amid flavorful blends. Relish on their gourmet shakes that make your stress vanish out of sight!

So, don’t overlook the opportunity to engage in small business rendezvous or catch-ups with colleagues over steaming cups of coffee.

Here & Now 

Here & Now Cafe

A haven for foodies, Here & Now Cafe is like a productivity hotspot in HSR. Step into this pleasant space with outdoor seating amidst lush potted greenery. offering freelancers and remote workers an inspiring sanctuary to unleash their creativity.

Here & Now boasts an expansive European-inspired menu catering to every craving imaginable. From breakfast platters to burgers, sandwiches to pasta, and an assortment of delightful smoothies and shakes, this place caters to every whim. But it’s the waffles, pancakes, and salads that steal the spotlight, promising a delightful and satiating culinary experience.

Beyond the gastronomic pleasures, Here & Now Cafe cocoons you in a serene and distraction-free environment, allowing you to work seamlessly. The staff’s warm and amiable demeanour ensures a calming experience.

Here & Now isn’t just a cafe; it’s an indispensable slice of Bangalore’s allure, an experiential gem awaiting discovery that promises fulfilment and a memorable gastronomic journey. So, if you’re a freelancer, a remote worker or simply seeking an escape from your office desk, Here & Now is the place for you.

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Cafe Hustle

Cafe Hustle

Known as one of HSR’s premier work-friendly cafes, Cafe Hustle doesn’t disappoint. Offering free Wi-Fi and an abundance of power outlets, it ensures you’re seamlessly connected and powered up while hustling for your tasks or studies. 

With a menu boasting an array of unique teas,  coffees, fresh juices, salads, pizzas, and pasta, this cafe caters to both quick bites and hearty meals.

Beyond the delicious platters and complimentary Wi-Fi, it’s a haven where productivity thrives amidst a backdrop of vibrant colours that evoke just the right atmosphere for your work.

The tranquil ambience sets the stage for undisturbed focus, making it an ideal cocoon for working on projects or preparing for exams. The tagline says– ‘Cafe Hustle, Eat Work Chill’, and we cannot agree more!



While most of the cafes in this list are greatly serene, Grapevine transports you to a different nirvana as you step inside.

With its inviting glass walls, sun-kissed interiors, and a charming book nook for bibliophiles, it’s a haven for both productivity and relaxation. And yes, it’s not your typical workspace – they also offer wine, which adds an intriguing twist to the cafe experience, doesn’t it?

Now, once you’re done with wine and some nibbles, you can satisfy your hunger pangs with a range of delectable offerings–from scrumptious pizzas to tantalising appetizers that keep you fueled for your work stint. For fellow foodies, the seafood pizza and pasta alfredo are absolute must-tries. 

The cafe also hosts weekly events like stand-up comedy and open mics, ensuring there’s never a dull moment while you’re there.

Tea Villa Cafe

Tea Villa Cafe

Another Instagram-worthy cafe on our list with monochrome floors and tropical murals, Tea Villa Cafe has several cosy nooks where patrons can immerse themselves in work without disruptions.

While the menu proudly caters solely to vegetarians, it’s the extensive tea collection of over 90 diverse flavours that steals the show. From traditional masala chai to nuanced Oolong, delicate white tea, and refreshing green tea, the cafe’s commitment to serving a broad spectrum of high-quality teas is truly commendable.

So, if you’re a Chai Addict seeking a tranquil space to immerse yourself in work, Tea Villa Cafe stands as a testament to both aesthetics and taste. It’s a destination that seamlessly marries functionality with visual allure, inviting patrons to savour not just tea but moments of serene productivity and relaxation. 

Don’t miss the chance to experience these amazing cafes in Bengaluru—the author is confident they’ll leave you delighted. Go explore, indulge, and later, you’ll be thanking us for the fantastic recommendations!

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