You are currently viewing ‘Copywriting is the salesmanship of digital marketing’ – 25 quotes of the week on digital transformation

‘Copywriting is the salesmanship of digital marketing’ – 25 quotes of the week on digital transformation

Launched in 2014, StoryBites is a weekly feature from YS, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week. This special series of quotes focuses on the increasing impact of digital media in India and around the world (see the previous post here). Share these 25 gems and insights with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights.

We see a lot of value creation through democratisation of technology and providing a level playing field for smaller players in the education market. – Kushal Khandwala, Lead Angel Network

The purposeful application of technology can be the catalyst for greater social inclusion and equity. – Ida Rademacher, Aspen Institute

Technology is driving the biggest change to the financial services model in its history. – Theodora Lau and Bradley Leimer, ‘Beyond Good’

The next half-decade will be defined by fintech offerings for complex financial activities like lending, analytics, and fraud detection. – Ram Kewalramani, CredAble

We have experienced the power of technology in enabling the access of financial services to even those who do not live in metros or who are not HNIs. – Lalit Keshre, Groww

Despite the immense growth potential for startups here, the Indian online gaming world is unfortunately misunderstood by the government authorities and has attracted a great deal of scrutiny and inconsistency of applicability of laws amongst different states. – Rameesh Kailasam,

India is the most exciting market to be in. EdTech as an export is a pretty remarkable phenomenon here. – Deborah Quazzo, GSV Ventures

The government recruitment exams have over six crore aspirants appearing online annually, and the numbers are growing exponentially. – Ashutosh Kumar, Testbook

On National Technology Day, we salute the hard work and tenacity of our scientists and those passionate about technology. – Prime Minister Narendra Modi

India is seeing increasing digitisation of financial services, with consumers shifting from cash to cards, wallets, apps, and UPI. – Rajiv Kumar, NITI Aayog

The patient monitoring devices market is projected to reach $25.31 billion by 2023. – MedTel

In the current volatile environment, data sciences play a pivotal role. Processes which are based on strong data models, tend to make fewer mistakes. – Tushar Drolia, SMEcorner

The automotive industry will see more disruption in the next ten years than it has seen in the last fifty years. – Ashutosh Padhi, McKinsey

The penetration of technology in the legal sector is arguably the least – so this field is full of opportunities, and the future seems extremely promising. – Himanshu Gupta, Lawyered

Technologies like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and gesture control are shaping the future of esports globally. – Tarun Gupta, Ultimate Battle

The COVID-19 pandemic saw the emergence of contactless initiatives in the industry. – Varun Shah, Eccentric Engine

Companies benefit from having diversity in their workforces, and digital competencies are helping to close the gender gap between men and women, broadening career prospects. – Manisha Banthia, Fiserv Global Services

A lot of us get caught up in what technology to learn, and go through a lot of tutorials. But try building something focussed and then figure out the pieces. – Vinay Gaba, Airbnb

Security can no longer be an afterthought. It has to be applicable across your landscape, right from your network to your footprint on a public cloud. – Anubhav Wahie, Cisco

The root cause for most security breaches is silly mistakes and they can be eliminated if you educate the people and have a review mechanism, be it boarding practice, deployment or using infrastructure. – Neeraj Singh, Groww

When you have a digitally fast-growing economy, cyber trust becomes a critical element to ensure that we are able to achieve the intended economic outcome by the use of technology. – Jyoti Arora, MeitY

What makes social audio so interesting is that it takes the best parts of visual or traditional social media (discoverability, follower base, ease of creation, and the ability to interact) and balances it with podcasts’ best elements (deeper audience retention, foundational content, and passive consumption enablement). – Varun Duggirala, The Glitch

If you want to use ads, you need copies. If you want to do video, you need a script. Content will continue to be a pillar of marketing. – Saurin Parikh, Paytm

Copywriting is the salesmanship of digital marketing. Compelling and valuable content is nothing without a strong understanding and application of copywriting skills. – Sayantan Dasgupta, Gramener

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