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Cute analog watches for children- Technology News, FP

The simple one

The Zoop Analog MultiColor Dial Children’s Watch is a simple purple watch that features a white dial color. The straps are made from rubber which is both soft to touch (do not create rashes) and last long as they can take quite a beating. The watch movement type is quartz. The watch diameter is 25 mm. It is also water-resistant up to 30 metres. The watch has a 1-year warranty and it is made by Zoop – a reputed brand in kid’s watches.

Hero watch

The Green Scrapper Avenger Men watch is a perfect father-like son watch that definitely captures the moment. This watch is for all those Avengers lovers. I mean Avengers is not just for kids or teenagers or also for adults like us (c’mon!). It comes in a black steel band watch and a green rubber band watch. The watch movement is made of Quartz and is round in shape. The dial is black in color and features the original Avengers logo.

Style statement

All the glitters and glamour in the world would fall behind the style of this Acnos watch. It comes in a set of two and looks kind of suitable for a mom-daughter duo. Both watches are rose gold in color. While contains white stones, the other has violet stones. Even the dial color matches that of the stone colors to complement the whole set. Made of stainless steel and runs on Quartz function. It is also waterproof for up to 30 minutes.

Beautiful color

The Caviot Kids Series Analog Watch is covered in a gorgeous pink color. Perfect gift for your budding daughter. The watch is made from plastic while the bands are made from silicon, the dial color is white and all the hour numbers are colored. The watch is 35 mm in width and 17 mm in length including straps. It has a 6 months warranty and runs on a quartz mechanism. Considering its made from durable materials, it is bound to withstand beatings and last for a long time.

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