You are currently viewing Deep Kalra's MakeMyTrip: From Failure to a $2.84 Billion Digital Travel Revolution.

Deep Kalra's MakeMyTrip: From Failure to a $2.84 Billion Digital Travel Revolution.

Deep Kalra’s story is an inspiring one. He’s the man behind MakeMyTrip, a game-changing company in the travel industry. Let’s take a look at his journey in simple terms.

The Start of Something Big

Deep Kalra began his career after studying at St. Stephen’s College in Delhi and then getting an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad in 1992. He worked at big companies like ABN AMRO Bank and GE Capital. But Deep wanted more.

He tried buying a business called AMF Bowling, but it didn’t work out. That didn’t stop him. Deep saw a problem in travel planning; it was too hard and old-fashioned. He thought the internet could fix this, and so he started MakeMyTrip.

Creating MakeMyTrip

In 2000, Deep and his friends Keyur Joshi, Rajesh Magow, and Sachin Bhatia made MakeMyTrip. With $2 million from a company called eVentures, they took on old-school travel agents. They wanted to make travel planning easy and cheap.

MakeMyTrip made booking trips simple with modern technology and help available all day and night. It came to India in 2005 and quickly became known for being trustworthy.

Recognition and Growth

By 2005, MakeMyTrip was doing great in India, always putting customers first. Deep’s hard work didn’t go unseen. He even got ranked first on a list of important digital people by KPMG in 2011.

Deep also helped others through the charity “I am Gurgaon” and Ashoka University.

MakeMyTrip Today

Now, MakeMyTrip is a big success. It’s worth around $2.84 billion, making it a major player in the travel business.

Deep Kalra’s journey shows that if you have a good idea and work hard, you can make big things happen. He saw a problem and used the internet to fix it. Even when things didn’t go well at first, he kept going. Today, thanks to Deep and his team, planning a trip is easier for many people. He also made sure to give back to his community. Deep’s story is a great example of how belief and determination can lead to great success.

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