Deliver Incredible Customer Experiences with Officium

It’s hard to forget those moments where you had a truly exceptional customer experience. Whether over the phone, online or in-person, we’ve all seen first-hand the value of customer service that shines.

While getting a best-in-class customer experience is worth a great deal to any customer, it’s equally valuable to any brand or organization, too. In fact, bad customer service is costing U.S. companies $75 billion every year, contributing to global losses totalling over $339 billion annually.

Officium Labs is banishing bad customer service by helping brands connect with their customers in amazing new ways. Our best-in-class people, products and practices are delivering great customer experiences from beginning to end and shifting customer experience from a cost center to a profit center.

We are here to connect, transform, and innovate through our patented ServiceStack™ framework designed to help clients build outstanding customer service organizations through the use of best practices, a technology service platform and a network of front-line and expert human resources.

Connect is a network of qualified, on-demand, front-line customer service resources. Our clients can submit resource needs, pricing information and timeframes for us to coordinate recruiting, a pay-as-you-go plan and talent on-boarding. Our future vision for Connect is to provide direct access to a talent place of worker profiles and other staffing needs within an online client portal.

Through connect, you can avoid overpaying outsourced vendors to handle your volume spikes or seasonal demand. With our talent, you can provide burst flexibility inside of your service center and bring on additional resources as-needed.

Connect offers customer service agents, community and content moderation, social engagement/support, game testers, quality assurance specialists and more.

Transform is a network of on-demand customer experience specialists who can provide staff augmentation, management, thought leadership and consulting for your customer service organization. Clients can harness the power of customer experience with services including customized service models, data and analytics, AI and automation.

Innovate is our technology platform designed to help companies measure and execute customer service best practices. This includes leading assessment workshops, building “get to green” plans and guiding you through your transformation and certification process, all while leveraging our AI, WFM and Analytics tech.

Our innovative approach has generated plenty of buzz: Since our launch in July 2019, when we were just four people with a $150,000 loan, Officium Labs has achieved $9 million in gross revenue as of February 2021 and $1.4 million in net profit in 20 months. 

Officium Labs has helped countless brands and organizations connect with their customers and provide better customer experiences. To name a few: 


Officium Labs is shifting customer service from a cost center to a profit center by reshaping the way brands engage with their customers. We’re only 20 months in with 22 clients, $8M in gross revenue and $1.4M in net revenue. We hear the call loud and clear and now we’re ready to scale like crazy. Come see for yourself at

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