You are currently viewing Elon Musk Unveils Plans for Social Media Platform "X"

Elon Musk Unveils Plans for Social Media Platform "X"

In a recent virtual conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, entrepreneur Elon Musk shed light on his ambitious plans for the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, now rebranded as “X”. The Tesla and SpaceX chief who also oversees X Corp, highlighted significant changes in the pipeline including introducing a monthly subscription fee for users to enhance their experience on the platform and to deter the creation of bots.

During the live discussion, which primarily focused on the theoretical dangers surrounding artificial intelligence, Musk took the opportunity to address the critical perspective on his social network’s stand on hate speech and antisemitism.

User Subscription and Growing Base

In a bid to tackle the bot issue on the platform, Musk is considering a small monthly payment for accessing the X system. This move is anticipated to curb the mass creation of bots, making the platform safer and more user-friendly. Even though the exact pricing details remain under wraps, Musk disclosed that X is experiencing a surge in user activity, boasting a staggering 550 million users per month who generate between 100 to 200 million posts daily.

Controversies Surround Musk’s Management

Since Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, renaming it X, the platform has seen a whirlwind of changes and has been embroiled in controversies. Critics have accused Musk of fostering an environment that allows the proliferation of hate speech and antisemitic content. Musk, who has vehemently denied these allegations, has been at loggerheads with the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish-led organisation, even threatening them with a defamation lawsuit.

Furthermore, Musk accused philanthropist George Soros and his foundation of orchestrating a plan to “destroy” Western civilisation, stirring more controversy. Despite these accusations, Musk asserted in his conversation with Netanyahu that he opposes the targeting of any group, emphasising the need for unity in achieving his vision of a space-faring civilisation.

A New Chapter for the Social Media Giant

Under Musk’s direction, the platform has undergone several radical alterations. Notably, previously banned accounts, including that of former US President Donald Trump, have been reinstated, a move criticised by online safety and hate speech specialists. Musk has also abolished the “blue check” verification system, introducing a new system where paying users can exhibit a blue subscriber badge beside their names, giving their posts higher priority in the feeds.

Currently, X is on a mission to secure licenses to operate as a money transmitter across various states in the US, with permissions already granted in eight states.

Since taking over the reins, Musk has initiated significant shifts in the platform’s functioning and policies, fostering a community where paying members enjoy a more amplified presence. As X ventures into this new phase, it promises an environment with fewer bots, potentially changing the dynamics of social media engagement. Only time will tell how these transformations will shape the future of the renowned social networking site.

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