You are currently viewing Exhibit free at TC Disrupt 2022 as one of the Startup Battlefield 200 – TechCrunch

Exhibit free at TC Disrupt 2022 as one of the Startup Battlefield 200 – TechCrunch

Exhibiting your early-stage startup at TC Disrupt this year looks a whole lot different than any previous year, and it’s really big news. For the first time ever, TC will invite a curated cohort of 200 early-stage startups — officially known as the TC Startup Battlefield 200 —  to TC Disrupt.

The only way an early-stage startup can exhibit at Disrupt or — pay close attention, folks — compete in the world-renowned Startup Battlefield, is to go through the TC Startup Battlefield 200 application process. The chosen 200 will receive free exhibition space on the show floor for all three days of Disrupt. You read that right. Say goodbye to pay-for-play.

Apply here no later than July 31. Acceptance notices will start rolling out July 1 so you can plan your October.

The creativity and quality of early-stage startups and their founders never ceases to amaze us. But, historically speaking, choosing just 20 startups to compete in Startup Battlefield and exhibit for free meant that we had to say no to many incredible, investment-worthy startups. This new, curated process allows 200 outstanding startups to participate and receive benefits associated with the Startup Battlefield program.

Still, this is no walk in the park. TC editors — a highly discerning bunch — will vet thousands of applications, and the competition will be intense. If you make the cut, you’ll receive a VIP experience, including full access to the show, exclusive workshops and pitch training (in addition to the free exhibition space). All TC Startup Battlefield 200 founders get to flash-pitch in front of investors and TC editors. That kind of exposure holds life-changing potential.

Out of the Startup Battlefield 200 cohort, TC editors will choose 20 companies to be the Startup Battlefield finalists — picking 20 out of 200 is still a daunting challenge. Those founders will receive private pitch coaching, pitch live on the Disrupt main stage in front of the entire TC audience and have a shot at claiming the $100,000 prize along with massive investor interest, media exposure and well-deserved bragging rights.

Just being selected for the TC Battlefield 200 boosts credibility and serves as a great talking point when you’re starting conversations with potential investors and customers. 

Think you have what it takes to join the TC Startup Battlefield 200? For starters, your company should:

  • Be an early-stage startup.
  • Have a minimally viable product.
  • Represent any vertical.
  • Represent any geography.
  • Have step-function innovation in your vertical.
  • Be bootstrapped or have pre-scale funding (variable by industry).

We’re accepting applications on a rolling basis, so don’t drag your feet; submit your application here ASAP. The deadline is July 31, and we’ll start sending out acceptance notices on July 1.

TC Disrupt takes place in San Francisco on October 18-20, with an online day on October 21. If you want to exhibit for free at Disrupt, enjoy a VIP experience and have a shot at winning $100,000 in the Startup Battlefield, apply to be part of the TC Startup Battlefield 200 before July 31. If you want to come and meet this fantastic 200, grab a Launch price ticket below!

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