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Exploring the world, one solo trip at a time with actor turned influencer, Aarya Vora

Aarya Vora may have made a name for herself in the television and film industry, but she is now enjoying the spotlight as an influencer.

A face one would recognise from My Friend Ganesha, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, Click and many others, Aarya is now a familiar face in the travel content industry. With the spirit of a wanderer and with an eye for creativity, Aarya has been travelling the globe and creating content for her audience.

While describing her journey, Aarya says that it has been quite different as most people shift from the content creation world to the television industry but in her case, she did the opposite. She was an actress in the television and film industry but then shifted to content creation. She says she journeyed towards the travel genre as she wanted to develop content out of her passion.

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“I decided to continue my journey of being a travel influencer so I can travel and make creative content for the people who are not able to travel for any reason. Through my eyes, they can see the world and I can entertain them,” says Aarya.

Strategies and more

Speaking about planning strategies, Aarya mentions that she must plan in advance especially now when the digital economy is booming with different forms of content. The audience is always looking for variety in the content and they don’t like monotonous content. “If you post the same content, they will definitely unfollow you,” she says.

She adds that while travelling, she sets up her cameras and shoots all of the content together, and then later edits the content at ease. She believes that videos or reels should be rich in knowledge, and they should help people with their queries around travel. The reels could be entertaining, adventurous, or informative, so Aarya keeps experimenting with different forms of videos. “I manage my content and I keep trying to give a variety of content to my audience,” says Aarya.

Differentiating factors

According to her, in the current times, every other person wants to make content and thus, differentiating one’s content becomes an important part of the process. Towards that, Aarya has figured out solo travel works best for her. So far, the intrepid traveller has covered almost 6000 kms from Mumbai to Himachal to Spiti Valley, etc. Currently, she is out on an adventure in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

Aarya says she makes it a point to travel to all the places in India and abroad all by herself and also documents her journey for her audience.

In the rapid fire, round of the interview conducted by YourStory’s Influencers Inc, Aarya shared some of her fondest memories from different travel adventures and many more interesting details about herself. Don’t miss watching this episode of stories of travel.

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