You are currently viewing [Funding alert] Last9 raises $11M in Series A round led by Sequoia Capital India, Better Capital

[Funding alert] Last9 raises $11M in Series A round led by Sequoia Capital India, Better Capital

Last9 Inc on Tuesday said it raised $11 million in a Series A round led by Sequoia Capital India, with participation from co-investor Better Capital and angel investors. This investment is in addition to the $2 million raised by Last9 from Sequoia Capital India’s Surge and Better Capital in April 2020.

Coming out of stealth mode, so far, the startup has raised $13 million in funding to help software systems scale reliably.

Founded in early 2020 by Nishant Modak and Piyush Verma, Last9 is a software reliability platform that helps engineering and DevOps teams measure, track, and improve software reliability.

The startup builds Google Maps and Search equivalents for microservices. A quick plug-in of the system metrics allows Last9 to build a “Knowledge Graph” for microservices to take an aerial view of their software architecture or zoom in to see the most minute metric-level data.

Talking about the startup, Nishant Modak, Founder and CEO, Last9, said,

Having been software reliability engineers (SREs) for over a decade, this platform is born out of our struggles. What firefighters are to civil engineering, DevOps and site reliability engineers (SREs) are to software engineering. The world of microservices needs to have sprinklers and smoke detectors.”

He added, “Last9 provides engineering teams with the control room and levers to manage their microservice environments, significantly reducing alert fatigue and MTTD.”

Speaking about the platform, Harshjit Sethi, Managing Director, Sequoia India, added,

“Last9’s value proposition is simple and very powerful. The cloud has led to an explosion of infrastructure data, which has made an engineer’s job of understanding dependencies to pinpoint a root cause much harder. Last9’s secret sauce of building a map of the company’s architecture allowing companies to do this quickly has seen strong reception from marquee customers. Nishant and Piyush are among the strongest SREs in our region, and we are excited to double down on our partnership with them and the Last9 team.

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