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GE Healthcare selects 6 Indian startups under ‘Cohort 3’ programme

Medical technology company GE Healthcare has selected six Indian startups under its ‘Cohort 3’ programme to help them build and scale up their technologies for their target market segments.

The selected startups 4basecare, Haystack Analytics, zMed Healthcare Technologies, Tricog, Aira Matrix and Qritive will spend six months with healthcare industry experts from within and outside GE on their product development.

“At the India Edison Accelerator, we collaborate with innovators to develop technologies that facilitate access while improving operational efficiency and clinical outcomes. We are excited to welcome six high-tech startups to our accelerator. Over the next six months, they will work alongside GE’s healthcare engineers and scientists to make their healthcare solutions accessible to more communities around the world,” GE Healthcare South Asia VP engineering Girish Raghavan said in the statement.

Before this, six healthtech startups, Aarogya AI, Brain Sight AI, InMed Prognostics, Onward Assist, Fluid AI and Wellthy Therapeutics that were part of The India Edison Accelerator’s Cohort 2, graduated in June 2021.

“These companies continue to engage with the India Edison Accelerator in the areas of market expansion and technology,” the statement said.

“The healthcare industry produces massive amounts of data, and it is extremely difficult to bring this data together, convert it into meaningful insights, and bring those insights to the point of care. We are addressing these challenges with our Edison platform, and are working to accelerate the transformation of healthcare – but know we can’t do it alone. Edison[X] – Startups powered by GE Healthcare, will be central to the ecosystem that will harness the brainpower and energy of startups to arrive at solutions that help healthcare providers deliver precision health across the care continuum. We believe that over the next few years, Edison would become an important hub for healthcare innovation with thousands of applications and services available on it,” said Amit Phadnis, GE Officer and Chief Digital Officer, GE Healthcare.

Launched in November 2018, the Edison offering comprises applications focused on clinical, operational and financial outcomes; smart devices embedded with advanced intelligence to improve workflow, productivity and diagnostics; and the Edison platform.

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