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Get a deep-dive into Azure AI at Microsoft’s upcoming webinar

Over the last decade, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made quantum leaps in its ease and range of use. Helping businesses across B2B and B2C sectors, AI enhances basic technology in terms of speed, multitasking, ease of operation, and overall efficiency.

Microsoft’s approach to AI focuses on empowerment, innovation, and responsibility. Azure AI enables businesses to build on their own terms. Businesses can look at building applications using languages and tools of their choice and deploy AI models anywhere. Whether it’s to leverage pre-built models, build custom models with code-first or code-free experiences, or do advanced machine learning, Azure is a great place to get started with AI.

Microsoft and YourStory are coming back with a brand-new webinar-cum-masterclass on Azure AI – Foundational concepts.

The live masterclass will be conducted on June 15, 2022 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM by Vivek Shridhar, Senior Cloud Advocate, Developer Relations, Cloud + AI Engineering at Microsoft. Vivek is a technophile and an Open Source contributor with over 15 years of experience in the software industry. In his previous roles, he has also mentored startups and developers, and has been an active speaker at industry conferences and meetups.

What will you learn at the masterclass?

  • Know about the key AI concepts and get an introduction to Azure AI services to help you bring capabilities such as speech, vision, language, decision, and search to your applications`
  • Expert view on best practices followed at Microsoft in deployment of AI tools, ensuring that concerns of fairness, accountability, transparency, inclusiveness, reliability and safety, security and privacy are addressed across the product development lifecycle
  • Learn how businesses can build faster with a complete data platform
  • Use guidance from experts and open-source tools to establish your own approach to the responsible use of AI
  • Get to know about AI at scale – Understand the vision, the technology behind it, and what it can mean for the future of your business
  • Learn about specialised AI services for specific business scenarios – Modernise business processes and accelerate development

So, save the time and date! It is your chance to grab a seat and make AI real for your business today across the cloud and the edge. Learn essential AI concepts, get hands-on experience, and explore the latest AI products with AI and machine learning resources designed specifically for practitioners.

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