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Get quicker data transfer with these top USB 3.0 pen drives- Technology News, FP

Never lose your data

This is a 64GB flash drive that has a compact design with a metal mechanism to protect it from scratches. With a built-in holder, the flash drive can be attached to a key-chain ensuring you never lose it. It uses the latest USB 3.1 version that offers blazing fast, read and write speeds. The read speed can reach up to 75MB while the write speed can go up to 30MB making it an excellent buy and truly the best value.

Never leave home without it

With a strong metal shell and a keychain that it comes attached to, this USB flash drive sets itself apart. It offers 64GB storage capacity and uses USB version 3.1 making it capable of fast read and write speeds. Have a laptop with a USB 3.0 or older port, no problem, it is backward compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0. The manufacturer is so confident of the durability and reliability of its product that a 5-year warranty is offered on the flash drive. For office or personal use, you can’t go wrong buying this USB flash drive.

Built to last

Sporting a clean capless design this USB flash drive is built to look ultra-sleek and extremely stylish. The shiny metal USB looks good even on those sleek powerful gaming laptops. The metallic casing comes with a black lanyard cut-out that can be used to attach it to just about anything for easy access. The USB is plug-n-play with no requirement for drivers making it convenient to carry around with you when needed. With its strong metal case protecting your valuable data and its reliable read and write speeds, this USB flash drive gets the job done.

Store, store and store some more

With a retractable design that supports micro-USB and standard USB connections, this flash drive has got both your mobile phone and laptop covered. Use the Memory Zone app offered by ScanDisk to back-up or manage your photos and videos so those precious memories or important documents are always safe. The high-speed USB 3.0 promises superb performance with up to 150mbps file transfer speed from drive to PC. With a design that tackles two different USB ports, this flash drive is a tiny, space-saving, must have.

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