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Google Calendar update helps users track co-workers’ status

Remote working, and now hybrid working, has made people difficult to track down colleagues. A new Google Calendar feature, the company says, will make collaboration simpler, helping users contact colleagues at the appropriate times.

Previously limited to just showing basic information such as “away” or “online”, the Google Calendar feature now provides status options in Google Chat, giving one additional piece of information on what colleagues are doing.

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Google reported that this functionality will be extended so that other situations with “In a meeting” or “In focus time” will likewise show up in Google Chat.

This element will be available both on the web and in the mobile app, which Google expects will make it simpler or easier for your colleagues to identify when to reach out to you and regard your scheduled times.

Moreover, admins will have an option inside the control centre where they can opt to have either or both of these two extra features shown.

With the update, the company hopes to help hybrid workers who are splitting their time between the office and home.

Credit: Google Wrokspaces

‘We hope by surfacing these additional statuses, this will make it easier for your colleagues to identify appropriate times to message you.’ Google workspace said in a blog post announcing the change.

Late last year, Google had rolled out a feature “focus time” to help users block out time slots to focus on work and better manage distractions. Another Google tool lets users indicate how they plan on attending a meeting — in person or virtually.

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