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When you think about McDonald’s, Burger King.
What comes to your mind? Hamburgers right. That’s branding. Branding is important.

Every company dreams have a brand like Pepsi, in and out, McDonald’s, if you can have one of those brands, their credit multi billion dollar company. When you want to go get a credit card, you don’t Google.

What kind of credit card Should I get? or who should I get a credit card from you already know, you can call it visa, you can go to your bank and get a visa card, or are you going to ask them for American Express credit card, whether you go to American Express. COMM or you hit up your local bank, that’s branding, you see the power of branding is all about anchoring yourself into a specific term,

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American Express and visa have anchored themselves into the credit card market. If you look at Kleenex tissues. When people are talking about tissues, a lot of times are think about Kleenex, and it’s so effective their brand is so powerful that most people don’t even say hey, I need a tissue, they’re like, Hey, can I have a Kleenex, it’s how you’ve anchored yourself into a specific term or feeling or emotion. And that’s what you want to convey with your business.

It’s not just about getting traffic from Google, or social media. It’s all about connecting your name or your company name, with a specific service, you want to do communications within your corporation, you’re going to use slack or Skype, they brand themselves, amazing products, or those kind of problems. So think about what kind of industry you’re in, and figure out what kind of problems that you solve. Once you’ve heard about your problems and use your brand new solution.

Keep reading your solution. Everyone’s mouth. Eventually, they’ll know that hey, your company does this one specific thing, want to buy anything that’s really affordable and get it delivered to your basket you go to Amazon. It’s that simple. Why, because they push that message down everywhere. And that’s how you will the big companies, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TV commercials, they’re not going to be the main source of your revenue, your brand is and that’s what lasts in the long run.

I remember I was talking to my business partner Mike one day and Mike was like, hey, sure about Warren Buffett’s and Julie letter to all of his companies, because he’s invested in a ton of companies, he writes a simple one page letter.

Why, because he knows that if he writes five or six pages, the CEOs are too busy to read them, and he always mentions to these companies that when you’re in a tough position, and you have to either make a choice of more money or protecting your brand, go with protecting your brand, because in the long run that’s what will create a bigger company.

If Warren Buffett tells you that branding is really important and you should focus on that more than $2 that you can make in the short run, then that should be enough for you to go out there and try to build amazing big brands. Now if you want to measure how big your brand is go to slash trends and type in your company name, if Google doesn’t show any results.

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That means your brands really small, if they’re starting to show some results, and it’ll be in a graph format. You can see if it’s flat, if it’s climbing or declining that’ll tell you how good you’re doing from a brand perspective. Your goal should be to get that graph to continually climb up and to the right.

Overall, as long as it goes up there towards the right. You’re doing well. If not, that means you’re not doing enough, marketing, and if you do you’re doing enough marketing. That means people aren’t connecting with it, you’re not using enough emotions, you’re not using enough storytelling you’re not connecting with the people that will look at your marketing, or your advertisements.

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