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How OneLink is helping startups drive user engagement by leveraging deep links

For most app developers the launch of their final product usually precedes an arduous journey of testing countless prototypes and securing funding, among other challenges. But, many developers don’t realise that the one thing that could make or break things even after the product is launched is user traffic. There are few ways which are as effective in driving users to an app as owned media.

Owned media typically refers to an app’s presence on mediums like social media, email lists, websites, blogs, newsletters and catalogues. When combined with user acquisition tools, owned media channels can help startups drive installations by users who are most likely to engage with the app and generate revenue. However, many startups are often discouraged from fully leveraging the potential of owned media due to broken user journeys. App marketing firm AppsFlyer’s OneLink tool bridges this gap and enables startups to direct users to their app by using deep linking and owned media.

A common example of a broken user experience would be when a user clicks on an ad that’s supposed to lead them to an app, but it leads them to an irrelevant page or one that flashes an error message. This might be because of several reasons, some of which are:

  • The app’s design might be siloed or fragmented.
  • Users being directed from multiple platforms, multiple devices, operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.), software versions, and many media channels.
  • Users being denied entry beyond the home screen. Regular app links cannot route users to in-app content, but only to the default home screen.

OneLink is a single link for brands to provide their users an optimal experience, irrespective of the device, operating system, media channel, or the platform they use.

Opportunities galore

Using regular links is often the norm for increasing user traffic. But in a complex and fragmented mobile ecosystem, such links often lead to a broken user experience.

By leveraging the power of owned media with the help of tools like AppsFlyer’s OneLink, startups can expect their conversion to grow by 2x to 5x through expanded user acquisition, driving engagement and increasing activation rates by providing app users personalised experiences.

Moreover, when owned media channels are leveraged with deep links — which leads users to an app instead of a website — they can create seamless ‘web-to-app’ journeys. When used with an owned media channel like email lists, it can ensure smooth ‘email-to-app’ journeys as well, apart from driving organic growth from social media.

The problem with using regular links is that it can lead to broken user experience, even in mobile media channels like QR codes and SMS and push notifications. The complex and fragmented nature of the mobile ecosystem requires a third-party technology to ensure that users can access content without any glitches.

Seamless user experience that drives engagement

Deep linking tools are critical for startups’ growth and their ability to drive user acquisition. As more and more companies expand their digital footprint to grow, they are always looking to attribute and track sources of user traffic — a task that can easily be completed with OneLink. AppsFlyer’s OneLink allows marketers to create a single link that can automatically detect each users’ platform and app state, i.e. if it’s installed or not, and sends them to either the website or app page.

Deep linking is crucial not just for paid media but also for owned media channels like email lists, webpages, and SMS as well. In addition to mobile attribution and deep linking, attribution providers also provide first party audience segmentation, fraud protection, advanced analytics, and, depending on the provider, people-based attribution to connect customer touchpoints across the web, apps, and TV.

As a cost-effective tool to help startups cash in on the impact of deep linking on owned media channels, OneLink has a host of advantages that digital entrepreneurs would find useful. Some of these are:

  • Simplifying growth and acquisition with a single link that works with every owned media channel or platform
  • Maximises ROI on owned media and engaging users with contextual experiences, which are powered by rich user data contained in deep links
  • A powerful trigger point called ‘Smart Banners’. Customisable and easy to create, these creative banners can be easily published on mobile web pages, and marketers can quickly turn their websites into effective sources for user acquisition. As they lead users to the right content, irrespective of the operating system, device, or browser the former may be using, they can churn out accurate insights for marketers.

The mechanics of zero budget marketing can be slightly tricky to master. With OneLink, startups can ensure that they cash in the benefits of zero budget marketing to push user traffic. One of the key ways in which it helps startups implement zero budget marketing strategies is that it simplifies growth and user acquisition with a single link that works on any channel or platform. Next, emerging brands can leverage their assets and maximise their ROI on owned media channels. It also enables personalised onboarding, leaving users delighted with a contextual experience and optimises conversions.

Whether you’re an app developer with limited resources or a marketer at a leading brand, the time is right to master the new approach of zero budget marketing via deep linking. Simply put, the success of a startup’s business growth and customer retention strategy may very well depend on the maximisation of owned channels (alongside paid), while significantly minimising marketing costs.

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