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How Quadnet Poker Network is helping online poker platforms find a footing for themselves

The novel coronavirus pandemic and the resultant stay-at-home restrictions pushed several Indians to online online games, bringing in windfall revenues for gaming companies and platforms. In fact, according to this World Economic Forum report lockdowns boosted user engagement for video games and esports worldwide.

The online gaming sector’s boom during the pandemic is not its only claim to fame. With increased internet connectivity, reach of smartphones and popularity of cloud gaming, online games have become an integral part of entertainment for many Indians. As gaming graduated from consoles and PCs to mobile phones and to more sophisticated devices like home gaming systems, online poker also witnessed increased activity.

Online poker has also gone on to be a game of skills and tact, and the high stakes involved in online poker competitions are a testament to that. It is now seen as a professional sport as monitored settings and strict rules bolster its integrity and legal validity.

And it is this popularity and formalising of the online poker ecosystem that has paved the way for players like Quadrific Media’s Quadnet Poker Network to thrive. The company has carved a niche for itself by providing an ecosystem to new businesses looking to set up online poker platforms. From end-to-end solutions to a customised user interface, the company offers whitelabel solutions to online poker rooms. It also provides player support, manages transactions, shares existing player liquidity, gives access to poker tournaments across the country, along with helping with promotions and key business intelligence. The company uses its own experience to design solutions that help poker platforms to solve issues like player liquidity and access to technology.

The brains behind Quadnet is its group CEO Amin Rozani who started his journey in the industry in 2014 by launching Spartan Poker, a cryptographically-secure B2C platform which brought world-class gaming to enthusiasts.

Rozani says he picked up an interest in the game while he was working in the BPO industry back in 2009. He familiarised himself with the rules of the game and started participating in tournaments across Asia. On gauging the earnings potential with this game, Amin took huge strides in this space that included organising offline poker tournaments at various events including casinos in Goa, apart from several online ones like the India Online Poker Championship.

“The online gaming business is predicted to grow between 250% in FY2021. There are a number of online gaming portals in India that are looking for a platform to help them grow and reach the target audience. Quadnet Poker Network has analysed the barriers in terms of growth of new entities wanting to start a poker business. It provides a solution to hurdles a company faces in setting up a successful poker business. We are thrilled to have associated with platforms such as Spartan Poker, Blitz Poker along with PokerHigh recently. With the introduction of Quadnet Poker Network, we want to create an online poker ecosystem in India with the best technology and efficient systems that provide a world-class gaming experience to a new player base and help us grow the poker community,” says Rozani.

Quadnet Poker Network currently offers three poker rooms — Spartan Poker, Blitz Poker and Poker High. The three online poker rooms enable enthusiasts to try their hand at various games like Texas Hold ’Em and Omaha Poker. The rooms also offer special bonuses and weekly giveaways to the players.

“After sharing years of strong relationship with the team behind Quadnet Poker Network, we have now joined hands with them with an aim of providing our customers the winning combination of a great experience coupled with a world-class product. We feel poker in India is still at a nascent stage and we are excited about what the years ahead have in store for PokerHigh and its users,” says Siddhant Sumon, CEO, PokerHigh.

“Blitz Poker entered the Indian gaming market via an alliance with Quadnet Poker Network given their experience in running poker operations in India for more than a decade and providing us the right product to fit the needs of the market. Blitz Poker aims to be the number one poker operation in India by using our expertise garnered over the years running many brands in other global markets. We look forward to growth of both parties,” says a spokesperson at Blitz Poker.

Quadnet Poker’s offerings include access to award-winning technology on the web and mobile apps. After countering several challenges to become India’s largest network of poker rooms, Quadnet Poker Platform plans to enter both B2B and B2C domains in the future.

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