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How To Access Netflix’s Super Secret Menu For Better Recommendations Using “Cheat Codes”- Technology News, FP

Laying back on your recliner with a refreshing drink and a bowl of popcorn, while binge-watching a series on Netflix is easy. What isn’t easy is actually deciding what you want to watch. Scrolling through Netflix’s catalogue can actually take up more time than watching something. What you need, is access to Netflix’s secret menu, that gives you a better recommendations list.


Netflix has some fantastic shows, movies and spectacular documentaries. However, their default “Recommendation” lists that they apparently curate as per your taste is ghastly at times. Most of the time, these “personalised” recommendations are actually based on what people around you are watching, so there is a very good chance that it might not adhere to your taste.

Now, users are allowed to search for a particular title in Netflix’s catalogue, but that takes away from the joy of discovering or stumbling upon a really good series or movie all on your own. Clearly, we need a better recommendation system from Netflix.

Well, it seems that a few people who shared this concern have taken matters into their own hands and have cracked a system. They have identified that Netflix catalogues all of their content against some codes, which represent a particular genre and have put that information up on a website.

Furthermore, each of these genres is further divided into sub-genres. For example, under “Comedies” you have the option of going for specific kinds of comedies, like satires, anime comedies, dark comedies, mockumentaries and so on.

How Do You Use These Codes?

You will need a system or viewing device that has an internet browser. As of now, you cannot use the codes on the app directly.

Now, there are two ways of using these “cheat codes”

  1. Visit on your using a browser on a computer, mobile or your smart TV if it has a web browser.
  2. Look up the genre or subgenre you are interested in
  3. Tap the code next to the genre or subgenre. 
  4. If you’re on a device that has the Netflix app installed, the app will start and take you directly to the genre or subgenre you chose. If you don’t have the app installed, it’ll open Netflix through the browser.  
  5. Choose the content that you want to watch. 

Alternatively, if you want to watch your content on a television, but your TV doesn’t support a web browser, you can just look up what you want to watch using the process mentioned above, select a piece of content that you want to consume and then search for it on your TV’s Netflix App.

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