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How to Add a Dollop of Pizazz to Your Business Premises

Every startup has one vital lesson to learn – a brand’s image is just as important as the quality of its service. And the sooner they learn this, the better. 

Even the smallest company has to consider how its actions impact public perception. This can include how it treats its staff, what it posts on its social media channels, and even the ethical standards of the companies it works with. 

Perhaps the most important strategy to alter the perception of your business is also the most superficial – give your company’s offices a drastic makeover. 

The aesthetic of your office reflects the culture of your company. So if your staff members are scraping by in a workspace heaving with dry rot, it could safely be assumed you don’t have their best interests at heart. 

Conversely, an office that’s kitted out with the flair of an upmarket hotel will imply that you care about your employees, while also showing visiting clients that you’re a company which can focus on even the smallest of details.

To help you design a workplace that reflects a positive image, we’ve assembled this list of interior design hints and tips. Take a look, be inspired and prepare to make your office impress. 

The meeting room

Meetings with clients are a golden opportunity to wow them as much as possible, proving that you’re hosting skills are equal to your business knowhow.

It’s for this reason that your meeting room should strike a deft balance between sober formality and informal nicety, depending on the client you’re courting.

As well as a standard conference table and chairs, make space for a breakout area replete with sofas from SM London, a smaller coffee table, and a selection of food. Your clients will feel spoiled by the time the meeting is over.

The staff room

The staff room isn’t just a place where lunch is eaten and coffees are made. It’s where your team socialises, where ideas are formed and exchanged, and where the bonds that create an effective team are forged. 

To foster these connections, take a leaf out of Google’s book. Their staffrooms are decked out with football tables, bean bags and colourful designs, ensuring that their team socialises and, in turn, becomes a stronger unit.

The workspace

The great debate about the benefits of open plan offices will rumble on until the end of time, but for us they provide the ideal layout for most workplaces. 

For one, an open plan office is more likely to let in sunlight, boosting the moods of workers and stopping any indoor plants from wilting. 

For another, investing in an open plan office could improve communication between work colleagues – an important facet of any business where creative thinking is key. 

There are, however, downsides. With more communication comes more noise, a factor which could make employees easier to distract and less productive. But the benefits far outweigh the negatives. 

That’s our list! How would you improve your office space? Let us know in the comments below.  

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