How to Grow Your Internet Business I

You are probably like most people who are new to internet marketing. You have got so far but have reached the stage that you need advice on how to grow your internet business. You may even have made your first sale or two, but are not sure how to develop that into full time work. Well, do not despair, because you are the same as every other person who is involved in internet marketing and now own very successful multi-million dollar empires. They all had the same problem.

The best action you can take to grow your business is to keep in touch with the visitors you have attracted to your website. Naturally, you have to attract them first, but once you have achieved that do not let them leave without providing you with the opportunity to contact them later. The major error that most inexperienced internet marketers make is to spend a lot of time, money and effort in advertising and persuading people to visit their website, and then expecting them to purchase when they arrive. If that is you, then you have failed to use statistics in your internet marketing.

It has been proved that, on average, people have to be exposed to a product seven or eight times before they decide to purchase. Yes, you get those that purchase immediately, but these figures are true of the average person. How on earth do you expect to make a decent number of sales if you allow your visitors to leave your website after their first visit; or even their second, or third or fourth! You must find a way of keeping in touch.


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