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How to Improve Online Surveys


The lifeline for a business is satisfied customers. If you don’t have customers then you don’t have profits and can’t function as a business. One way to keep customers on board is to understand their sentiments towards your brand and how they perceive you compared to your competitors.

The best way to gather this qualitative information and turn it into quantitative data is to run engaging surveys.

Engaging surveys will bring in honest feedback from respondents, providing valuable insight for your company’s customer experience department. However, what’s most important is to create surveys that customers will respond to. Here are a few tips for creating valuable online surveys:

  • Keep surveys short. This can be done by implementing a Likert scale in your questions, i.e. “on a scale of 1–7 how satisfied were you with our demo. 1 being very dissatisfied and 7 being very satisfied.”
  • Review all questions to ensure that they make sense to the reader and are as clear as possible to read and understand.
  • Start broad and then go narrow. Questions should be more succinct and specific as the survey goes on.
  • Test your survey. Test on internal employees to uncover bias and to repair and glitches when gathering information and data.

You also want to consider sample size when surveying customers. Ideally, you would be able to sample every customer, but that’s not possible from a time or budget standpoint in most cases.

Therefore, you want a sample size that closely encapsulates and embodies your entire customer base. To quickly measure sample size, use this sample size calculator from Chattermill.

If you need more tips on how to create online surveys that will help to better understand customers, see Chattermill’s infographic below:


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