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How to Make The Best First Impression With New Clients

You need to set a good first impression with any potential client because it can drastically impact your relationship going forward. Not only does it affect how they view you, but the business as a whole. You want to get it right. How can you make the best first impression? 


There are actions you can take before you’ve even met the client. Consider what you’re going to wear. You’ll want to look clean and presentable. Think about where you’re meeting and whether it has a dress code. Do you need office attire or something slightly more casual? You also need to think about how you’re going to arrive at the meeting. A respectable and professional vehicle will give an impression of responsibility and efficiency. Leave yourself plenty of time to get there. Do not be late as this is the only first impression you’re getting.

Body Language 

Before you’ve said a word you’re already setting an impression. Your body language speaks wonders. It only takes a few seconds to weigh someone up. Think about your posture and how you’re presenting yourself. You want to appear approachable. Smiling and regular eye contact are good indicators that you’re confident, even if internally you’re feeling nervous. Also, be sure to have a firm handshake to confirm this confidence. 


You need to make it clear you’ve done your research for your potential client. It will become apparent if you haven’t. You need to clearly communicate how your business can meet their wants and needs. It’s best to avoid jargon and benefits talk because your client doesn’t care about this – they want to know exactly how you can help them. Be concise and honest with your conversation. 

Small Talk

While it’s tempting to focus purely on business at first, it will make you come across like a drone rather than a human. Most prospective clients will want to see a more personal side from you. They want to understand the kind of person they’ll be working with. Ease your way into the conversation with small talk and try to find common ground. However, while it’s important to show your personality, don’t make the conversation too personal. 

Be Polite 

It may seem like a simple tip, but it will go a long way. Being well-mannered and polite helps create a positive first impression. Switch your phone to silent mode so you can focus on the client. Be attentive to what they’re saying. Also, be courteous to those around you too. This will help improve your impression. 

Setting a good first impression is a vital part of attaining new clients and growing your company. Be polite, professional and do your research. What are your tips for creating a good first impression?

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