You are currently viewing Hyderabad Angels Fund launches Rs 150 Cr VC fund for tech, AI startups

Hyderabad Angels Fund launches Rs 150 Cr VC fund for tech, AI startups

Hyderabad Angels Fund (HAF) has launched its inaugural venture capital fund, classified as a Category 1 Alternative Investment Fund (AIF), with an initial investment pool of Rs 100 crore along with an optional additional greenshoe of Rs 50 crore. The fund will be tailored for tech and AI-driven startups prioritising scalability.

Category 1 AIFs invest in startups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), social sectors and economically desirable sectors.

The sector-agnostic fund aims to invest up to Rs 5 crore each in 20 startups poised for technological and AI-driven scalability at the pre-Series A/Series A stage, with a commitment to subsequent investments to support their future growth.

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The fund comprises entrepreneurs and business leaders from pharmaceutical, health sciences technology, education, sustainability, and other sectors. Its managing partners serve as primary investors.

“We are building HAF as a dynamic, collaboration-driven platform where founders not only secure financial backing but also tap into the collective wisdom of accomplished Limited Partners who themselves are successful entrepreneurs,” Sri Myneni and Kishore Ganji, Managing Partners of HAF, said in a joint statement.

HAF, the funding and founder-investor collaboration platform led by Hyderabad Angels, aims to empower founders to achieve their visions. It leverages the decade-long investment expertise of Hyderabad Angels, which has fueled the growth of numerous innovative businesses across various sectors, it said in a statement.

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