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Indians made 10 stock trades every second in the last year: report

A new Razorpay report has analysed billions of online transactions made by Indians over the last financial year, and revealed that Indian trading activity increased 247 percent over the previous financial year.

Indians made 10 stock trades on average every second, according to the report. That would mean that there have been at least a 100 trades since you started reading this article!

The report also had information on other sectors such as foodtech, online matrimony, and others.

The most popular ordered food item by far was Biryani, with the report estimating that food deliveries overall grew 3X over the last financial year. Similarly, online grocery orders grew by 4X over the past year, with weekly orders peaking on Sundays.

Online matrimony services saw a 63 percent raise in online transactions, with the report estimating that number of transactions would equate to 125 jumbo jets full of happy couples!

The report also covered some of the biggest days of the year, with reports that alcohol orders on New Year’s Eve were 5X their daily average. In the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, India saw more flower orders than any other week in the year, with flower orders on the special day hitting up to 7X the daily average!

The report mentions that largest number of transactions were on food, gaming, and financial services, while the largest amount spent was on utilities, ecommerce, and financial services.

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